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17 June 2022
Is it difficult to publish in English ei journals?

Now many domestic institutions will require researchers to publish ei papers, which are used to evaluate professional titles or apply for awards. We all know that ei requirements are strict, and it is not just a random paper that can be included, especially if it is published in English. In ei journals, the author needs to be fluent in language. Will it be difficult to publish a paper in an English ei journal? Next, I will let you know about it.

1. EI papers need to be written in English. Therefore, from the perspective of writing, it is very important to grasp the general requirements of English writing. Authors can refer to some common templates for papers in the same major. This is for authors who have no experience in English paper writing. It is very necessary. What the author needs to grasp is the use of grammar and the way of expression in English, which is quite different from Chinese writing.

2. The choice of EI journals, there are not many EI journals, and some excellent engineering and technical journals in China are also indexed by EI. Some authors tend to choose domestic EI journals. In fact, there are no problems with domestic and foreign journals. And whether the research direction is consistent with the paper, even if you choose a domestic EI journal, you also need to write in English. Don't think that domestic EI journals can write in Chinese.

3. Journals that are both Chinese core and EI source journals are generally better than journals that are only EI source journals. Of course, journals that are both Chinese core and EI source journals will be more difficult to publish. The recognition and value are also very high, and the role in the author's personal promotion is very obvious.

The difficulty and cycle of publishing in EI journals are usually higher than those published in EI conferences. Therefore, authors who intend to publish in EI journals should plan ahead and prepare as soon as possible.

EI Paper Search Notes

There is a special problem in ei paper retrieval that requires the author’s attention. When selecting journals, we try to choose journals that are relatively stable for retrieval, that is, those journals that are in the ei journal directory all the year round. These journals have rich experience in running journals and the quality of publications is relatively stable. Some new publications need more attention. The stability of such publications is relatively weak, especially in the first two or three years after being retrieved. If the directory is removed, the author's article will not be indexed, which is very unfavorable for the author.

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