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31 May 2022
What preparations should be made before publishing EI laser papers?

You should know that an EI Laser Science English journal is of high value and research in the world, and it is also a hot topic discussed by laser researchers in various countries. If you want to contribute to the EI Laser Science English journal, you have very high requirements on all aspects of the paper, and it is difficult to contribute. Aischolar Xiaobian summarized the preparation skills of EI English journals for publishing laser papers and shared them with you.

1、 It is very important to select the journal for contribution

The following points should be taken into consideration when selecting Periodicals

1. Make an accurate assessment of your thesis level, and select a journal that is comparable to your thesis level.

2. Understand the acceptance rate of EI journals. The higher the value, the greater the probability that your paper will be adopted

3. Understand the submission and publication cycle of previous papers. The shorter the cycle, the faster the papers will be included.

2、 Do a good job in thesis translation

English EI Journal of laser science, only English manuscripts are accepted. When domestic authors contribute to such journals, they need to grasp the quality of the translated papers. At this time, it is very important to select the right translators. It is recommended to find translators with laser science background and overseas study experience.

3、 Papers shall be subject to professional academic review in advance, and omissions can be found and filled

To find professionals to review the manuscript, you can learn about the deficiencies or deficiencies in your thesis in advance from the perspective of the reviewer, and modify according to the revision opinions given by the reviewer, which can make the thesis more in line with the publishing requirements, reduce some possible problems in the thesis and be asked to return for revision, which not only wastes time, but also is more troublesome, especially for the authors whose English level is not good.

4、 Duplicate checking

EI journals have high requirements on the duplication rate of papers. In order to avoid that the duplication rate exceeds the required range, early duplication inspection can be said to be the most effective method to avoid the rejection of revision or manuscript due to the duplication rate.

If the papers submitted to EI English journals achieve the above points, it will be easier to publish. If you don't know how to select journals, check duplicates, or who to find to review and translate manuscripts, you can consult the academic consultants of relevant professional websites.

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