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23 June 2022
What is the difference between sci special issue and regular issue?

I finally learned about sci journals, and suddenly there are special issues, regular issues, etc., which are all dazzling. Authors should carefully identify what publications they want to submit before submitting. A novice author asked, what does the special issue and the regular issue of SCI mean? What's the difference? Next, I will let you know about it.

SCI special issue: Compared with the special issue of domestic journals, the academic value of the SCI special issue is still very high, but the situation of the SCI special issue is almost the same as that of the domestic special issue supplement. In some fields, it is not recognized. For example, some universities do not recognize SCI Some of the articles published in the special issue are approved, so whether or not the SCI special issue can be published depends on the actual situation. It is not a bad idea to publish the SCI special issue under the condition of approval. After all, the articles will also be retrieved and included.

sci regular issue: regular issue: For example, a journal has several volumes and several issues per year, and several papers published do not have a specific theme and have no influence on each other, which is called a special issue: There are two cases, one is a special issue that occupies the main page, and the other is a real special issue.

Difference 1: Concepts are different

Sci Special Issue: Special issue is also a special issue. It is a channel for journals to collect manuscripts. Generally, they are excellent articles selected in an international conference hosted by the publishing house where the journal is located.

Sci main journal: It is a paper that is published in a regular manner according to the publication cycle of the journal.

Difference 2: Publishing is different

Special issue: The space occupied by the special issue is a special issue. In addition to the regular publication of the regular issue, other editions will be arranged. This is a normal volume but no issue. That is to say, a journal has 4 issues a year, and 1 issue is added, and this 1 issue does not account for any of the 4 issues.

Main issue: The main issue occupies the layout of the main issue, occupies a certain issue of the main issue, and has volumes, issues and page numbers.


Difference 3: with or without the word SI

The search results of the special issue have the word SI, and the search results of the main issue do not have the word SI.


Difference 4: Different degrees of recognition

The evaluation requirements of each unit in each region are different. Some units approve the publication of papers in the SCI special issue, and some do not. The specific requirements should be understood in advance of the evaluation documents before making a decision.

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