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13 June 2022
Share a literature review of a class management paper

Through the discussion of class management, students can better develop in an all-round way, contribute to the professional development of the head teacher and the harmonious development of the school. Quality education is a very important and key problem for class management.

One, the introduction

Class is the basic part of kindergarten, is the collective unit of children's activities in kindergarten, is also the main place for preschool teachers to implement education and care. Kindergarten class is a variable whole, so management is very important. It is necessary to have the correct guidance and management of preschool teachers. Under the orderly management, children can also grow in the right and positive direction, as well as efficient learning of new knowledge, cultivate their own excellent quality.

Second, the body

(1) The current situation of kindergarten teachers' class management

At present, some teachers have unclear role consciousness. In class management, the teacher of the main class and the teacher of the assigned class each perform their own duties, but they do not completely draw a clear line and do their own things. Therefore, class management requires teachers to cooperate with each other to seek common ground while reserving differences, so as to reduce conflicts and ineffective communication. Secondly, some teachers' class management ability is weak. In the face of evil, some teachers fall into the "authority" management error, lack of listening and cooperative management, easy to let children feel the repression of the class atmosphere. When there is chaos in the class, it is easy for teachers to have difficulties in management if they lack management experience and ability. So a good class environment, teachers and children need to work together. The use of children can understand the way to communicate with children, otherwise children will show "not cooperate" and other phenomena, class management effect is greatly reduced.

(2) strategies of kindergarten teachers' class management

1. Improve traditional teaching concepts and adopt new teaching methods to carry out class management for children. In class management, teachers should realize that children are the subject of learning, respect the subject status of children, and give the initiative of class management to children to help children from consciousness to the importance of self-management, so as to independently cooperate with the class management work. Secondly, make full use of information teaching, the rules of class management will be used in a form that children can understand and be interested in, vividly and visually presented in front of children.

2. Make a good class plan When teachers carry out class management, they should make corresponding class plans. Let children clear goals, and negotiate with children to help children develop a suitable class to complete the learning goals. Involve children in creating a good classroom atmosphere. At the same time, teachers can use example to help children develop self-discipline and improve their character.

Teachers play a central guiding role in class management and should set an example to create a good class atmosphere. At the same time, the division of labor between teachers should also be clear, and different teaching tasks and teaching plans should be formulated according to different teachers' work responsibilities, so as to strengthen the cooperation between teachers, ensure orderly activities and establish good class routine, so as to improve management efficiency.

Third, summary

With the development of society, preschool education has been paid more and more attention. Scientific class management can help children's development, so teachers should strengthen the management of the class, so that children can develop in the right direction.

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