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22 June 2022
How can I get high marks in the defense of master's thesis?

  Oral defense is one of the questions that must be passed for successful graduation. How should we keep calm and accurately say the prepared content when facing the questions of teachers? Let's share some defense tips.

  1. Self statement.

  Including the name, major, student number, title of the thesis and the overall idea. The on-the-job graduate students should relax themselves, take it easy, be clear and polite, summarize their whole article in general, and take the challenge easily.

  2. Maintain self-confidence.

  The defense teacher will always stare into your eyes, confident that it can effectively break any attempt of the defense teacher. Confidence will be very effective in breaking any attempt. The only way to make you confident is to be proficient in the content of the paper. The only way to make you confident is to read the paper and understand the principles and steps of the paper. At the same time, keep your eyes on each teacher, try to reply in a standing posture, and maintain a medium to slow speaking speed. These measures can make you look confident.

  3. Anticipate the questions the teacher will ask.

  If you have prepared for the questions asked by the teacher in advance, what's so terrible about the thesis defense? Before the actual battle, summarize your own design, recall the difficulties and key points in the production, and combine your own paper. It is enough to write 10-15 questions (generally 3-6 questions in the defense). Of course, it is more important to prepare the answers to these questions.

  4. Are you ready? Finally, let yourself practice all the above three steps. Don't think it's unnecessary. Facts have proved that it is very effective.