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13 September 2022
How to withdraw a manuscript on the platform after sci is published?

Retraction is actually a very common behavior in the sci paper world, but retraction is not something that can be done at will. There needs to be sufficient reasons, and it should not be retracted frequently, otherwise the platform will think that the author is irresponsible. , then after the sci paper is published, how can it be retracted on the platform? Let's take a look at my sharing.

1. Apply to the SCI journal for retraction and explain the reasons

After a sci paper is submitted, no matter what the reason is for the author to withdraw the manuscript, the author is usually unwilling to withdraw the manuscript, but unilateral withdrawal is allowed. The correct way to retract a manuscript is for the author to apply to the SCI journal for retraction and explain the reason for the retraction of the SCI paper. The editor of the SCI journal and the publisher will evaluate the reason for the retraction and whether it meets the withdrawal conditions. If the withdrawal conditions are met, the SCI journal allows withdrawal. Otherwise, the manuscript cannot be withdrawn.

2. Issue a withdrawal statement

After the sci paper is submitted, if the manuscript is withdrawn before publication, it is easier to withdraw the sci paper at this time, and the impact on the author is also small. If the SCI paper is withdrawn after it is published, it is more difficult, not only to obtain the consent of the SCI journal, but also to issue a retraction statement in the next issue of the SCI journal.

After sci submission, if it is necessary to withdraw the manuscript before publication, it is relatively easy and has little impact. If the manuscript is withdrawn after seeing the publication, the difficulty will be greatly increased. Not only the consent of the SCI journal, but also the withdrawal statement must be issued in the next journal. Generally, the content of the statement will be reviewed by the authors, and the article after the retraction statement is published usually remains online, but will be linked to the retraction statement.

Some reasons for retraction are because the author found that the content of the paper will be wrong, for example, the data of a certain experiment is wrong, or it is necessary to re-do the experiment to supplement it, etc. At this time, this must be explained clearly and concretely to the editor, and the reason for the withdrawal of the manuscript should be clearly explained, and it would be better to be convincing. If there is no other opinion on this journal, it is entirely possible to resubmit to this journal after the error of the paper has been corrected.

Some authors retract their manuscripts because they found some minor problems in the paper and want to correct them. In fact, there is no need to retract the manuscript in this case, because some minor problems may be seen by the reviewers and remind you to correct them, even if the reviewers and editors Didn't see it, in the proof stage you can totally make final revisions. There is no need to withdraw and resubmit the manuscript because of this situation, and then waste your time, it is not worth it.

There are also authors who want to withdraw the manuscript because the page fee is relatively expensive. This author shows that he was a little sloppy before, and he did not carefully see how many free versions are needed before submitting the manuscript. Some authors are still students, and they can’t afford it themselves, so they can discuss with their tutors to see if the tutors can reimburse the money. In addition, it depends on whether the journal is a very good journal. If it can be published in a good journal The thesis, in fact, the copyright fee is a little more expensive.

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