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13 June 2022
How should the topic selection of primary school education paper and outline be written?

  Educational paper mainly refers to the introduction of their own new views, new ideas, new understanding of the paper. Specifically, it refers to a cognitive activity process in which researchers use scientific and exact language to express their research process and results completely on the basis of a comprehensive review and summary of their research activities.

  Primary education major graduation thesis writing the first step is to choose the topic. The title is the question that can be researched, but not all the questions can be used as the title of the graduation thesis of primary education major.

  Primary education belongs to the field of education science, the solution of the problem can promote the development of primary education and teaching research. Such as "a word has several pronunciations", "a certain type of application problems have several solutions" this kind of problem is not suitable as a graduation thesis topic. The paper must have some general significance. If a question is only aimed at individual phenomenon, for example, "how to develop the intellectual level of XX students", it is not necessary as a topic. There must be a clear and focused scope and mandate. For example, "How to develop students' intelligence" is too broad and unclear to be a graduation thesis topic.

  Teaching practice has proved that the choice of graduation thesis topic can get twice the result with half the effort and get better results. On the contrary, the topic is not good, often make the graduation thesis writing difficult to carry out, or even give up halfway. Therefore, it is very important to choose the topic scientifically in the writing of graduation thesis of primary education and teaching.

  After deciding topic selection, draw up outline, want to have global idea above all. It is to check the status and role of each part in the paper from the whole. It depends on whether the proportion of the sections is right, whether the length of the sections is right, whether each section serves the central point. Secondly, proceed from the central point of view, decide whether to choose or reject the material, which is irrelevant or not relevant to the subject matter, although these materials have been painstakingly and painstakingly collected. Third, consider the logical relationship between the parts. To this end, write outline not only to explain the basic skeleton of the central argument, but also to be clearly structured, coherent, unified material point of view, the minor truth belongs to the major truth, the major truth belongs to the overall situation, the full text of the basic argument prominent, before and after the same.

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