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09 June 2022
How to open a sci paper search report?

After completing the SCI paper, you can issue a retrieval report. The SCI retrieval report is very important. When evaluating a professional title, taking out a SCI paper retrieval report can improve the probability of evaluation. But there are many friends who publish sci papers for the first time and don't know how to issue a report, so let's take a look at the sharing of the editor.

The sci paper retrieval report is issued:

Step 1: Log in to web of science to see if the paper is queried

The issuance of the SCI paper retrieval certificate should be based on the successful retrieval of SCI papers. Retrieval is the last step in the publication of a SCI paper. It is about 1-2 months after the paper is published. The specific method is to log in to the web of science to see if you can find it. If you can find it, it is a retrieval.

Step 2: Print the first page of the paper

Open the web of science to query the page of your own paper and print it out. In fact, you provide the title of the paper and the name of the journal.

Step 3: Find the school library service window

The university library can issue a search certificate, and a corresponding service window will be set up. The author finds the service window of the school library, submits the printed paper page, and states that he wants to issue a search certificate. If the college requires the tutor to sign, it is necessary to ask the tutor to sign the printout in advance.

Step 4: The staff issues a search certificate

The staff will verify, issue and seal the printout provided by the author. At the same time, the author is also required to register and pay a certain fee. The fee is not very high, usually around tens of yuan. So far, I have obtained the SCI paper retrieval certificate.

In which stages can a search report be issued?

1. After submission: The article has just been put into the system, and I still know if it can be accepted, so there will be no paper retrieval report. The retrieval report mentioned here is not a paper retrieval report, but a journal retrieval report, which is about Some official instructions for submitting a publication. The sci journal is divided into divisions. With this report, you can prove that the journal is in which district when you submit it. Even if the journal changes after the update, it doesn’t matter. We can always prove that the journal we submitted was originally in which district. of.

2. After the article is retrieved: After the article is retrieved, a retrieval report must be issued. Once the article is retrieved, the retrieval report should be issued first. With this retrieval report, no matter when you use it, it is possible and effective. Because all the data are updated, if the article is withdrawn for some special reason after it is published, it may not be found because of the dynamic update. With the article retrieval report, you can prove that your article has been published in the journal. Published, it is effective.

3. After the catalog is updated: it is possible that you only know the journal search report and the dissertation search report. If you have already obtained the two mentioned above and think that the catalog is more credible, you will not need it, then you are wrong. It is very advantageous to issue a paper search report after the catalogue is updated. If the journals submitted were originally general journals, and the catalogues became core journals after the catalogues were updated, it would be beneficial for evaluating professional titles and finding high-paying jobs.

The above is the sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.