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31 May 2022
Is there a standard for checking the weight of graduation thesis?

Nowadays, many institutions will check the duplication of papers. This is to avoid plagiarism and to correct the academic spirit to a certain extent. It can be said that all institutions have standards for duplication of papers. The following editor will talk to you about the graduation thesis checking standards in detail.


The weight check of graduation thesis is still relatively strict. Although the requirements and standards of each school are different, your graduation thesis still needs to be treated carefully to avoid the phenomenon that the repetition rate is too high.


From the perspective of specific standards, the repetition rate requirements of most undergraduate papers in most colleges and universities should be below 30%, but it is not ruled out that some schools have stricter requirements for the repetition rate of papers, and some will require 20% or 15% or even Below 10%, the teacher will tell you the specific requirements before checking the duplicates, and the school will also have official notices related to this aspect, but if you have finished writing your thesis ahead of time and there are no specific regulations, students can ask their own guidance. Teachers, or ask previous seniors and sisters, ask about the requirements of the previous year, and revise your repetition rate in advance.


As far as the CNKI duplicate checking system is concerned, the CNKI duplicate checking system can only detect the repetition rate of the text part. Due to the complexity of the pictures and formulas, the CNKI system has not been able to identify them. However, in order to reduce the repetition rate of the paper, you can reduce the repetition rate of your paper by converting some data into formulas and pictures.


Generally, the percentage of repeated words will appear after the duplicate check, and each school has different standards and regulations for the repetition rate of graduation thesis, so it is necessary to consult the tutor to determine the repetition rate standard and repetition rate stipulated by the school and the tutor. The higher it is, the more repetitive the paper is.


HowNet's pmlc system detects 13 consecutive characters. In general, if a lot of words in the graduation thesis are copied and pasted directly from others, the paper will appear red in a large area. These copied sentences can be expressed in other expressions, so that the originality rate of your paper can be improved.


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