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02 June 2022
Common steps for writing a graduation thesis

The graduation thesis is generally composed of abstract, preface, problems and methods, results, acknowledgements, etc. The beginning of writing a dissertation is the need to choose a suitable topic, which is also one of the beginning signs of a successful dissertation. How to write a graduation thesis? What are the steps for writing a dissertation? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.


First: Determine your dissertation topic first. The core part of the opening report. The academic problem to be solved by the paper is clearly put forward, that is, the innovation point of the paper. Briefly describe the situation and deficiencies of domestic and foreign research, and clarify the author's point of view.


Second: put your dissertation topic on HowNet, and search for master and doctoral dissertations with similar or identical topics, or journals published in better journals. Download them.


Third: browse the framework of the downloaded article as a whole, and extract a better framework to apply in your own paper. Propose the specific academic problem that the dissertation is trying to solve. Put forward the point of view that the thesis is prepared to argue, and briefly explain the reasons. Propose the research design, protocol, process, and research methods to be used.


Fourth: first set the big frame of your paper (that is, the first-level title, the second-level title), and then you can re-enter the content of the first-level title or second-level title into CNKI to conduct related searches, so as to Determine the third- and fourth-level headings and refine the content of the paper.


Fifth: After all of the above are done, your thesis is basically equivalent to one-third of the completion. The next thing to do is to supplement the specific content of the headings at all levels. There is actually a shortcut to supplement the content, that is, you can find relevant content through some public accounts, forums, news or related reports. It’s best to look for content published in the past year, because how long is the time when the articles on HowNet have been online? Copy all of that into your paper, as it's basically undetectable duplicates.


Sixth: When you have completed the fifth step, then your thesis is basically completed. According to the experience of many papers written by myself, if the fifth step is done carefully, then your subsequent paper revision work will be very little, especially without weight reduction.


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