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17 June 2022
Differences between EI journals and EI conferences

There are also many friends in China who will submit ei papers. Generally speaking, ei is divided into journal papers and conference papers. Before submitting papers, authors should plan ahead and choose the appropriate type according to their own situation. Do not write conference papers. However, if you submit a journal paper, you will delay your time and work. Is there any difference between ei journals and ei papers? Let's take a look at my sharing.

First, the quality of the articles is different: the quality of the articles in the ei journal is higher than that of the ei conference, and the identification is different. The number of pages in the ei conference paper may be 3-4 pages, while the number of pages in the ei journal paper is 7-8 pages. The overall word count of the paper, the content of the description is more detailed, and has more academic value;

Second, the numbering is different: ei journals are publicly issued, and there will be a formal international journal number, namely issn, while ei conferences are mainly conference papers, which can be said to be conference proceedings, in the form of a book, and the collection of papers is published, There will be a publishing house and isbn number, only high-level academic conference proceedings are recognized, and the recognition of ordinary proceedings is very low;

Third, the review time is different: ei journals follow a formal review process, which requires three reviews and three proofreading, which takes a long time; while the review time for ei conferences is short, generally after the conference, the collection of papers can be published in a few months If you are in a hurry to use the paper, you can give priority to the ei conference paper;

Fourth, the retrieval methods are different: EI includes three types: core indexed by EI, non-core indexed (Pageone indexed), and conference papers. Since 2009, there is no difference between core search and non-core search, and all are core search. But it is also divided into journal retrieval and conference retrieval, that is, the source journal JA type and the conference CA type. In the professional title evaluation and the annual awards of the school's science and technology department, the most recognized articles are the articles included in the EI core (EI CD-ROM version).

Fifth, the value is different: ei's academic journals are more valuable than academic conferences. Some well-known foreign scientific research institutions do not recognize ei conference papers, but domestic ei journals and ei conferences are relatively recognized.

It can be seen that ei journals and ei conferences are still very different, but it is undeniable that both of them are highly recognized internationally. Although they are slightly inferior to sci, they are more recognized than domestic core and domestic general publications. Some, among authoritative academic papers, EI journal papers belong to the second category of academic papers.

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