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13 September 2022
What are the common academic conference platforms?

Nowadays, many authors in China will write academic conference papers, so they will also look for relevant academic conference platforms. If you want to publish academic papers smoothly, you need to find a good conference platform carefully. Rejection behavior. What are the common academic conference platforms? Let's take a look at my sharing.

NO.1 Online website of China Academic Conference

There is a large collection of domestic academic conferences, and there are basically all academic disciplines. There are many conferences. The biggest feature is that the search is better. It is more inclined to the computer class, of course, there are also many conferences in other disciplines. It mainly includes academic conferences in the Chinese world and the English-speaking world.

NO.2 Calender of Upcoming Technical Conferences

Provides coverage of professional technical conferences worldwide. It can be searched by time, conference name, subject, sponsor, country, etc.

NO.3 Meeting/Conference Annoucement List

Report information about upcoming conferences by subject

NO.4 Ei Village Upcoming Conference

It contains rich and detailed academic conference information, classified by discipline, and provides relevant hyperlinks.

NO.5 Internet Conference Calendar

The site contains the latest international academic conferences, seminars, lectures, training and other information, and can be searched by subject heading, location, time and other fields.

NO.6 UKSEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)

This site provides academic exchange opportunities and academic conference information.

NO.7 Medical Conference

Medical conference inquiries.

NO.8 International Academic Conference

The information forecast of academic conferences in various disciplines around the world can be retrieved according to a number of conditions.

Academic conferences can be described as a place for the exchange of academic masters in various fields. As a newcomer, I have to learn and exchange, and maybe I can find like-minded academic friends.

1. As an experienced tutor, the tutor has many channels to understand the conference resources. You must learn to have a good relationship with the tutor. He can not only let you know the information of many conferences and call for paper at the first time, but also they often submit papers or Cooperative journals.

2. Student members of associations in this industry (students have discounts) After joining the membership, you will receive the latest activity information regularly, and the association will have many volunteer opportunities every year. As a student, you can sign up to assist them in hosting academic conferences. Among them, you can also meet teachers and like-minded students in many professional fields.

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