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01 June 2022
How to correct the excessively high weight of master's thesis?

I finally completed a master's thesis. After finishing the revision and polishing, I wanted to submit it quickly, but after checking the duplication, I found that the duplication rate was too high, and I was asked to revise it. At this time, many students are very distressed. When the weight check of the paper is too high, how can it be corrected? How can I reduce the check weight? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.


Check the revision method

Method 1: Rewrite. Rewriting is the best way to make red-letter revisions and reduce the plagiarism rate of articles. There are three main points in using this aspect: First, respect the meaning of the original text. Second, break the shackles of the original thinking structure on our thinking structure. Third, use your own words to reorganize the original word chunks. You must pay attention here to avoid language errors and common sense errors. After you are done, read it a few times. Be flexible.

Method 2: Integration. The basic word block in the red letter is reserved, and other things such as "but, because, because, in the process, why" and so on are all deleted. For the basic word chunks, combine with the understanding of the meaning of the original text to reorganize. Facts have proved that this method can be described as a cure for the domestic authority system. Except for the garbage disposal system.

Method 3: Rewriting plus integration plus dilution. This method is recommended for students who have strong writing ability. Advanced techniques. Rewriting and integrating the above mentioned, no longer verbose. Let's talk about dilution. The so-called dilution refers to: the original text expresses a meaning in 10 words, you can express it in 20 words, and strive to be different from the original text every five words.


Notes for thesis revision and weight reduction

1. Deliberately add (notes) (superfluous) to the English side of some abbreviations. In short, every sentence can be changed, even if one word is added or one word is subtracted, it is a victory.

2. If it is a citation, don’t use a period after the quotation mark. If you write a period, the following is plagiarism (although you think it is a citation), so try to use a semicolon before the citation is over. Some people put the superscript of the quote after the period, which is not right, it should be before the period.

3. The text can be converted into a table, and the table cannot be checked for duplicates. The text becomes a graph, and the table becomes a graph. It is clear at a glance and does not check for duplicates.

4. Pay special attention to the changes of punctuation marks, and change English compound sentences into two or more single sentences, etc., and master them flexibly.

5. If you know about the list of the defense members of the school, you can cite their things intentionally or unintentionally to make them happy and make the defense smoother, but you must understand it. Let the defense team think that you really read his article seriously!

6. The above is the question of citing materials in Chinese. If you read a lot of foreign languages, you can translate the foreign language and cite it yourself. You don’t need endnotes, you can treat it as your own. Because the duplicate checking database only matches characters, it cannot match Chinese and English. On the other hand, you paid the labor for the foreign language materials you found by yourself, and you also paid the labor for the translation by yourself, which can basically be regarded as your own labor.


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