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13 September 2022
What platform does the ei database belong to?

The ei database is believed to be known to many authors and friends. The ei database generally includes some conference documents, as well as some monographs, reports, etc., and the documents included in the ei database cover a wide range of fields. Author friends can learn more about the ei database. So what platform does the ei database belong to? Next, I will let you know about it.

Ei is a database we often mention, and it is also a database platform for researchers to search literature and screen journals. The EI database belongs to the secondary literature database.

The EI (Engineering Index) database does not provide the function of downloading papers and documents, but most of them provide full-text links. You can click on the links to read related papers and documents. In addition to journal articles, the data also includes conference documents, as well as some scientific reports and monographs.

The included literature covers almost all fields of engineering technology. For example: power, electrician, electronics, automatic control, mining and metallurgy, metal technology, machinery manufacturing, management, civil engineering, water conservancy, educational engineering, etc. EI retrieval has the characteristics of strong comprehensiveness, wide data sources, wide geographical coverage, large amount of reports, high quality of reports, and strong authority.

There are two types of EI literature retrieval: one is JA journal papers, and the other is CA conference papers. The social recognition of JA journal papers is generally higher than that of CA conference papers. Considering that many units do not have a high degree of recognition for CA conference papers, and even some units do not recognize them, it is recommended that you consult relevant units in advance before publishing conference papers. .

If it is not clear whether to recognize the CA conference papers, it is better to publish papers in ei journals or in authoritative ei conferences for the sake of safety, especially when it is used for job evaluation or performance assessment, postgraduate entrance examination and other purposes.

How to use the EI database at home?

1. First, enter the seek68 library to register and download the client.

2. Enter the client, enter EI in the "List Entry Retrieval" box, the EI in the resource list is retrieved, and double-click to enter.

3. Enter the EI homepage and enter a keyword to search for example "Artificial intelligence".

4. After retrieving relevant literature, you can use the options in the filter column on the left, such as: core journals, conferences or patents, authors, open access, etc., and check these options for secondary screening according to your needs.

5. To retrieve the literature you need, click the "Full text" button below the title to open the literature.

6. Click the PDF download button on the current page after opening the document.

7. Go to the next page and click Save to complete the download.

8. In addition, click the "Detailed" button below the title to see the relevant information of the document.

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