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07 July 2022
Graduation thesis opening report framework study

  Before writing the graduation thesis, to understand the framework of this type of paper, the opening report is the same.

  The length of the opening report generally does not exceed 5000 words, similar to the fund project application, and the main contents include:

  1. Topic title (no more than 30 words)

  2. Background of the topic (including literature review) and research significance (1500-2000 words)

  3. Research Contents and Objectives (400-600 words)

  4. Research plan and feasibility analysis, including research ideas, research steps and methods (methods for collecting and analyzing data), feasibility analysis (mainly the feasibility of data collection) (500-1000 words)

  5, research the work plan, list the time, work content, main methods, plan results in the form of tables

  6. Research difficulties, expected value and level (500-800 words)

  7. References

  Again, don't make it too big. The slides used in the opening report should include the background of topic selection, research objectives and significance, main research content, research methods, schedule, etc.

  In short, thesis opening is an important stage of graduate thesis work, simply speaking, it is the design and planning of the paper, mainly answer three questions:

  1, according to? Why do this research or why choose this topic, main background, significance and objectives.

  2, What? What to study, that is, what to study.

  3, How? How to research, namely technical route and research method.