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30 August 2022
How to remit the domestic sci page fee?

Friends who have experience in publishing SCI papers may be more familiar with foreign layout fees, but they may not be so familiar with domestic SCI journals, especially for the remittance of domestic SCI layout fees, so what is the remittance method for domestic SCI layout fees? what about? Let's take a look at my sharing.

It is very convenient for domestic journals to charge publication fees. Authors can transfer money directly through online banking, or transfer money through online methods such as WeChat and Alipay.

How to remit the fee for foreign papers?

When paying the page fee for a sci paper, you can apply for one, or borrow one, as long as there is a VISA logo on the card, but you need to know the bank number of the other party, similar to swift code. They will give you an e-invoice after handing in, if not, ask the editor-in-chief for it. Of course, it is also possible to use a credit card, but a part of the handling fee will be charged. For example, if the page fee is $100, you need to pay $103.4 (Credit card (a surcharge of 3.4% will apply).

If you are worried about using someone else's bank card to pay, it will affect the reimbursement; you can go to the bank to transfer directly to facilitate future reimbursement. Note: It is best to go to a big bank, which can basically operate.

Kind tips:

(1) Payment by credit card often occurs, the payment is unsuccessful, or the page cannot be jumped. If you really like to transfer money by credit card, in this case, you can change a browser, maybe it can be solved, generally it is more reliable to use IE browser.

(2) Credit card payment - generally requires a card marked with VISA or Master card, or a full-currency credit card, generally not marked with UnionPay.

Layout fee process for bank over-the-counter transfers

①Fill in the name of the remitter (the name in the bank card account)

②Fill in the account number (card number) of this account. Note: The following should be filled in Chinese without any special instructions.

③Fill in the address of the remitter

④Contact number (landline and mobile phone are both acceptable). Fill in these information correctly, so that if there is any problem during the cross-border remittance process, you can contact the parties in time. The next step is to check the option of resident individuals or non-resident individuals, usually individual remittances check the former. Then fill in the ID number correctly (don't forget to bring your ID card, it is required for this business).

⑤ Remittance currency.

⑥ Remittance amount (you can fill in numbers, no need to use Chinese capital)

⑦The electronic payment receipt provided by the magazine has detailed payment information, including account number, payment unit, IBAN, SWIFT BIC, etc. The payee name is the name of the magazine company.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.