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12 July 2022
Why is the falsification of professional title papers always emerging in endlessly?

  Falsification of papers is a very serious matter, but in today's form of evaluating professional titles with papers, even if it is vigorously prohibited, some people will still go astray. The editor of this issue will discuss this problem with you.

  Although there are repeated orders at the national level, the falsification of papers is still prohibited repeatedly. In addition to personal problems, papers are closely related to professional title promotion in many industries.

  From the above cases reported by the National Health Commission and the Ministry of science and technology, it can be seen that hospitals have become the hardest hit areas for paper fraud. This is because the number of papers published by doctors for a long time and the influencing factors are linked to their professional title evaluation and salary level.

  According to the 2021 doctor survey report released by the China social investigation and research center of the Academy of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and others in April this year, 69.74% of doctors believe that scientific research and publishing papers are under great pressure, and the pressure of scientific research has become the biggest pressure faced by doctors.

  During the National People's Congress, Zhang Shu, member of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the arrhythmia center of Fuwai Hospital, said that the professional title evaluation system of Chinese doctors still needs to be improved. A group of young people have been destroyed for publishing SCI papers, because young people focus too much on publishing SCI papers and don't study clinical well; What's more, in order to publish articles, write fake articles or buy articles, after being found, the scientific research career was completely destroyed.

  Decoupling papers from professional title evaluation is not only the voice of many people, but also a more direct reflection at the policy level.

  In February 2020, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of science and Technology issued several opinions on standardizing the use of relevant indicators of SCI papers in Colleges and universities and establishing a correct evaluation orientation, which proposed to break the only bad orientation of papers in professional title evaluation, optimize the methods of professional title (position) evaluation and employment, and do not take the relevant indicators of SCI papers as the direct basis for professional title (position) evaluation and employment and the prerequisite for personnel employment.

  In January, 2021, the National Health Commission and other three departments revised the "code of integrity and related conduct for medical research" in combination with relevant laws and regulations, requiring medical research institutions to strengthen the management of the papers published by their medical researchers, and not to link the number of papers published and influencing factors with staff rewards and clinical work assessment.

  In September, Xinhua News Agency learned from the Ministry of human resources and social security that after five years of development, the key tasks of the reform of the professional title system have been completed, and 27 guidelines for the reform of the professional title series have been issued. The professional title evaluation policy involves 80million professional and technical personnel, and has ushered in major adjustments that have not been made for many years. For example, according to the characteristics of different industries, a variety of evaluation methods such as examination, evaluation, combination of evaluation, interview and defense, and actual operation are implemented.