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30 August 2022
Did sci receive the page fee?

Sci papers are what many authors want to publish successfully. Once the sci papers are accepted, will they have to pay the page fee? Sci journals have high requirements for papers. I believe this is also known by everyone. What is sci's layout fee? Next, I will let you know about it.

Some sci journals will charge a layout fee, which is relatively high, but there are also some sci journals that do not charge a layout fee, depending on whether the sci journal selected by the author has a layout fee requirement.

Many sci journals charge a page fee, mostly to make your article open access, free for researchers around the world to download. There are also many SCI journals that do not charge a page fee and also provide an "open access" option. If the author is willing to pay a high fee, his article can also be downloaded for free, which is a non-mandatory payment of the page fee.

When the author consults the SCI literature, some articles can be downloaded for free, and some must be downloaded after paying the corresponding fee, or can be downloaded through the database of the university. This is also because the university paid for it in advance. Permissions for databases, such as "ElseVierV'Springe^", are very expensive.

After the article is accepted by the publication, the journal will send the author a link to pay the fee through the submission system. The author can register and fill in the relevant information. For example, the invoice information and the form related to the page fee need to be filled in. The author needs to confirm with the magazine. After knowing the specific requirements and methods of payment, you can follow the requirements. Many authors do not know the remittance methods of foreign journals. In fact, the payment methods of sci papers are very common. Authors can pay by credit card, online banking, and bank counter transfer. Ways to send money, these methods are very common in our daily life.

The author is reminded to pay attention to several details. First, the type of credit card, the author needs to use a card marked with VISA or Mastercard, or a full-currency credit card. UnionPay card is not applicable. If you choose bank remittance, especially counter remittance, the author needs to purchase it first Only a certain foreign currency can be transferred. Foreign journals are generally in US dollars or euros. Bank transfer over the counter may seem a little troublesome, but it is actually beneficial, especially for authors who need reimbursement from the unit. Only bills, bills cannot be used for reimbursement.

Many sci publications prefer credit card payment. After all, this method is more convenient and fast. Such publications generally send a link to the author. The author needs to fill in the credit card related information, such as card number, cardholder and other basic information. Self-deduction, the remittance requirements of publications and publications may be different, and the author can operate according to the requirements.

For the calculation of the page fee, the journal standards are also different. Some are calculated according to the number of printed pages after typesetting, and how much is each page in USD/EUR; some journals are uniformly priced regardless of the length of the article and black and white color pictures. Therefore, if the author wants to save his page fee, he can choose a journal that does not charge, or use as few color pictures as possible, so that he can spend less money. The sci page fee is generally paid in two ways, by credit card or bank transfer. So whether to pay the sci page fee by yourself depends on the actual situation of the author.

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