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09 August 2022
How to write the computer direction SCI?

The writing of sci papers requires the author to spend a lot of energy and time. From the title to the thanks, it needs to be carefully optimized and written, especially for novice authors, the first sci paper should be taken seriously, and the computer can be assured of sci How to write it well? Let's take a look at the editor's computer-oriented sci writing method to share.

1. SCI paper writing

First, prepare for writing. Writing a high-level SCI paper is built on the basis of subject research. Without real and reliable experimental data, it is impossible to obtain high-level experimental results, and it is impossible to demonstrate one's own scientific research level. Secondly, when writing the content of SCI papers, we should pay attention to: first, the title of SCI papers should be innovative and concise, and the lack of innovative content will lose the meaning of publication; second, the abstract of SCI papers should be clear and organized; third, the experimental operation of SCI paper writing should be true ; Four is the SCI paper references and introduction specifications.

2. Revise and polish the SCI paper after the manuscript is finished

A SCI paper that is incomprehensible to reviewers, even if it thinks that the research results are of high value, is a failure, and the chance of being accepted is zero. In order to ensure that the SCI content has no grammatical errors, no typos, is easy to understand, and meets the acceptance requirements of the submitted journals, when the SCI article is first written, it is necessary to ask multiple people to review and review it, and the final draft will be finalized after repeated revisions. In addition, in order to ensure foolproofness, after the SCI is finalized, it is essential to find a professional to polish and revise it in English.

3. SCI paper submission

When submitting a manuscript, you must first confirm that the manuscript is the final version, the picture is clear, the name of the editor-in-chief in the coverletter is spelled correctly, etc., and then upload the manuscript. After the upload is successful, the generated PDF file should be carefully checked, and then click OK after confirming that the submission is complete.

4. Strategies for revising or rejecting manuscripts

The results after the initial review of the manuscript: rejection, revision and acceptance. For rejection, you need to check the reason. If it is a misjudgment, find a way to apply for the opportunity to review the manuscript again. If it is not a misjudgment, see if there is a chance to submit to other journals. For revisions, you must revise strictly in accordance with the review comments, otherwise the chances of being accepted are still very low if you submit again. For direct acceptance, only high-quality works are possible, which is very rare.

5. Final preparation

After the submission is accepted, the journal may still need the author to do something or submit materials. The author should check the email in time and make a timely reply, so that the SCI paper can catch up with the latest issue of the journal.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.