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30 August 2022
How to find SCI journals with free page charges?

Due to the reactions of many authors and friends, the layout fee of sci journals has become more and more expensive, and they have begun to look for sci journals that can free layout fees, but they are not familiar with free layout fee journals. How can I find sci journals with free page charges? Let me talk to you in detail below.

Most journals charge a page fee for publishing papers, and only a small number of journals do not charge a page fee.

Non-OA journals are called "traditional journals". Generally, no page fee is charged for publishing papers in this type of journals. Readers need to purchase journals or pay subscription fees to obtain literature information.

Scientists submit papers in non-OA journals, generally do not need to pay review fees, academic journals (review, organize peer review) - publishing, printing, channels - readers (subscription). In the traditional publishing model, publishers use readers' subscription fees to pay for the costs of "reviewing, organizing peer review" and "publishing, printing, and channels" through sales, and publishers can make profits in the process.

OA journals put information on the Internet for everyone to view and share. Authors will charge for publishing articles, but readers can obtain information for free. "Open access" journals charge scientists review fees, and at the same time accept national and private funding to maintain "review, organize peer review" and maintain online platforms.

To sum up, if you want to submit your paper in an SCI journal that does not charge a page fee, you must submit your paper in a non-OA journal. Most of the papers received by SCI journals are in English. For authors who are not good in English, they need to find a polishing company to help revise the grammar and logical expression of the paper.

Medical sci journals with no page fee:

"International Pathological Science and Clinical" does not charge review fees, and the author still has a certain manuscript fee to take

"Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology" and "Chinese Journal Phalanx" dual-effect journals are the core journals of Chinese science and technology and the core journals of Chinese clinical medicine. The review period does not exceed two months, and there is also a manuscript fee to take

"Laboratory Medicine" dual core journals.

"China Lung Cancer Journal" Chinese core review fee-free

"Chinese Journal of General Surgery Basic and Clinical" is exempt from review fees

"Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics" has a rigorous work style and fast review. Contribute directly to the website.

"Journal of Pediatrics" is rigorous in reviewing, and reviewing is slow.

"China Pharmacy" is the core of science and technology, a weekly magazine, with a large number of manuscripts, and it is relatively easy to write in the middle.

"Chinese Journal of Experimental Prescriptions" dual-core, semi-monthly, manuscript requirements are not too high, relatively good.

"Global Chinese Medicine" is the core of science and technology, the quality of manuscripts is not high, and the review period is short, so you can try it.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.