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15 August 2022
What is the index number of the sci article?

When we come into contact with SCI, we will find that SCI papers have a lot of numbers, which can confuse many authors and friends. Among them, most of the inquiries are asking what the SCI index number means. When we need to query the SCI index How should I check when the number is issued? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

The SCI index number is the same as the retrieval number, that is, the UT number, which is the SCI index number and the unique identifier of the article. The accession number is the number of the paper in a certain database, and is actually a record number of the paper in the database.

How to check the SCI index number?

1. Log in to the web of science website, find the included papers, and open the page with abstracts;

2. In the underground output record, select HTML format in the save format;

3. Open the output HTML format file, find the UT number at the bottom, such as UT ISI: 000245006100013, this string of numbers is the index number of the article.

It is not easy to obtain an inclusion number for a published SCI paper. The first step is to submit the manuscript for publication and complete the sci paper publishing process. Among them, the index number is the retrieval number. After the SCI paper is published, it will be submitted for inspection, and it will be possible to be included and retrieved. Generally speaking, the author should inquire about 1-2 months after the SCI paper appears in the journal, and then inquire in advance. If the article cannot be found, it does not mean that the article will not be retrieved. After a long time, it has not yet been retrieved. You can ask the editor of the journal to see if it is missed. Of course, it may not meet the requirements for retrieval and inclusion.

There are many purposes for publishing SCI papers. Retrieval is a common basic requirement. To judge whether a published SCI paper is retrieved, it is necessary to check the retrieval number of the paper, that is, the index number. With the accession number, you can prove that the article was retrieved. The author issued a search report to prove it.

Publishing SCI papers requires the author to have sufficient ability, which requires the author to have solid professional skills, solid English, and solid scientific research tools. If you want to publish an SCI, first of all, the mastery of professional knowledge is very high, and it also requires researchers to have unique insights, innovative methods and ideas in a certain professional field, which is particularly difficult. Secondly, SCI is an international journal and needs to be published in English, which has very high requirements on the English level of researchers, especially professional articles. Get close to the facts.

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