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30 August 2022
Do I have to pay a page fee to publish a SCI article?

Many novice authors are very interested in the issue of whether SCI articles need to be paid for the layout. The layout fee of foreign SCI articles and journals will be slightly more expensive than that of domestic ones. However, some author friends are curious, do you have to pay the layout fee for publishing SCI articles? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

Whether to pay a page fee for publishing a SCI paper, if the SCI paper is directly related to the author's choice of OA journals and non-OA journals, OA journals can only be published after paying the page fee, but non-OA journals do not need to pay the page fee. Different SCI journals have different layout fees. Authors can pay a certain layout fee according to the requirements of the submitted SCI journals.

The page fee of sci is generally more expensive than that of domestic Chinese journals. For example, the amount of the page fee for medical journals ranges from 100 US dollars to 3,000 US dollars. Of course, there are also free page fees, so the amount of the page fee and when to pay the page fee are all It is necessary for the author to understand the specific publication in combination with the published publication. The author can also directly contact the magazine to inquire about the details.

Due to the high page fee of some SCI journals, authors can apply for a reduction or exemption of the page fee of SCI journals. The details are as follows:

1. Some magazines will provide websites, links or QR codes. Subscribing to or following them can reduce part of the page fee. The author can go to the official website of the sci journal to see the relevant instructions. Note that it is some sci journals, not all sci journals.

2. If the author publishes a sci paper with limited funding or no financial support, and meets certain requirements, he can propose to reduce the layout fee or exempt the layout fee. This sci journal payment instructions will generally explain.

3. If the author is a student at the school or a staff member of an affiliated hospital, and the school has purchased their database, the page fee can be reduced or exempted.

4. If you find it troublesome, do not want to communicate with them, and want to publish it as soon as possible, you can directly pay the layout fee. Anyway, the hospital or scientific research unit can reimburse.

What is the page fee of each SCI journal?

1. Among the most popular Cell, Nature, and Science, Nature and Science are basically published for free, and no page fee is charged.

Cell charges a layout fee, about $5,200 ($1,000 for first color figure; $275/added figure).

2. Compare the layout fee of SCI journals that are popular with Chinese people

NPJ series

The layout fee, the minimum is 1675 US dollars, the maximum does not exceed 5200 US dollars, most of them are between 2800-3400 US dollars.

Plos series

The page fee is more than 3100 US dollars, Plos Biology and Plos medicine, the page fee is higher than 4000 US dollars.

ps: The above prices are for reference

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.