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02 August 2022
Is there a big gap between the third area and the fourth area of ​​sci?

Friends who know sci journals should know that there are grades between journals. Generally, they can be divided into one, two, three, and four areas according to the impact factor. The first and second areas are more difficult to submit, and the third and fourth areas are slightly less difficult. Is there a big difference between the district and the fourth district? Let me talk to you in detail below.

The division of SCI journals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is divided according to the impact factor of the journal. The journals in the third and fourth districts have relatively low impact factors. The Chinese Academy of Sciences partition table selects academic influence as the division method, and all journals in each discipline are classified according to their academic influence. The power (3-year average IF) is arranged in descending order from high to bottom, and is divided into 4 regions in turn, so that the sum of the journal influence in each region is the same. This makes the number of Zone 1 journals extremely low due to the skewed distribution of the 3-year IFs of journals within the discipline.

In order to ensure the number of journals in Zone 1, Zone 1 journals take 5% of the total number of disciplines, that is, the journals with the highest 5% of the 3-year average IF are Zone 1 journals. Zones 2-4 journals are divided in the same way as the 3-year average IF sum.


Regarding the difference in difficulty between SCI 3 and 4, according to the above CAS standards for SCI journal division, 3 has a higher impact factor than 4, but the difficulty of publication depends on individual circumstances. It is relatively easy to publish in the district, and there are not many units. Now some units have a low degree of recognition for journal papers in the four districts. Therefore, the editor reminds authors who need to publish SCI papers to clarify the situation and republish them. , then it is no problem to publish sci journals in Zone 3 and Zone 4.

But it depends on the major. If you are a computer major, the gap is very large (there are many water journals in the four computer districts, and many colleges and universities require the SCI catalogue to be issued in the three districts and above, just to avoid Boiling Water Journal) If you are a medical major, the gap is not very big (even in the fourth area of medicine, there are many journals with more than 1 point, and the dividing line between the third area and the fourth area is relatively blurred) The above two examples do not mean which The major is good, but in the same major, the number of journals accounts for a larger proportion than other majors, and the proportion of the quality of the journals in the same stage (four districts) is different.

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