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15 August 2022
What is the basis for the inclusion of sci papers?

Friends who often write SCI papers should know that the smooth publication of SCI papers can bring a lot of benefits. It is very useful in promotion, rating, salary increase, etc., but for some novice authors, they don’t know SCI at all. What are the specific basis for the inclusion of the paper? This issue will share the relevant knowledge with you.

1. As we all know, there are many types of documents included in SCI, and the journals included are also relatively high impact factors in various countries. They mainly include comprehensive retrieval publications such as life sciences, clinical medicine, physical chemistry, agriculture, biology, and engineering technology. It is said that it mainly includes papers of natural science and technical science, and it is biased towards liberal arts, economics, etc., but SCI does not include papers. Only the journals published by the papers are included in SCI, and papers are considered SCI papers.

2. With its unique citation approach and comprehensive scientific data, SCI counts a large number of citations, and then obtains quantitative indicators such as the impact factor, citation frequency, and real-time index of a certain journal and a paper in a certain discipline. Papers, etc. are ranked. The high citation frequency shows that the paper has had a huge impact in the field it studies, is valued by international peers, and has a high academic level. Therefore, from the perspective of SCI's strict journal selection principles and strict expert review system, if a journal wants to be selected into SCI, it needs to meet SCI's requirements for quantitative indicators such as impact factor, citation frequency, and real-time index.

3. SCI uses "Journal Catalog" as the data source. For SCI journals, the impact factor is a very key indicator. The journals selected into the SCI journal catalog will be divided into divisions. The main basis for division is the journal's impact factor. The higher the impact factor, the higher the division, which means the higher the value of the journal and the level of publication. Some well-known academic journals in the world are basically one-area journals, so the principle of SCI indexing journals is to look at the impact factor of the journal, and the inclusion of the journal. the level of the thesis.

SCI ("Science Citation Index") is a citation database founded in Philadelphia, USA. Together with EI (Engineering Index) and ISTP (Science and Technology Conference Proceedings Index), it is the world's three major scientific and technological literature retrieval systems. The main search tool for scientific evaluation. SCI is one of the most famous searchable journals in the world today, and the academic value and influence of the journals included are extremely high.

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