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07 July 2022
What should we pay attention to in graduation thesis?

  The topic is the beginning of the paper, is the finishing touch of the whole paper, then we should pay attention to some of the topic? This issue xiaobian brings you graduation thesis topic matters needing attention, I hope to help you.

  First, the topic should be accurate

  The topic is the eyes of the article, to bright and god, is a high summary of the content of the paper, is the center of the whole paper, the topic is to tell others what you want to do or solve what problems. Therefore, the paper topic should pay attention to the following aspects: the title should be concise and complete expression of the original intention of the article, but avoid a simple list of phenomena or statement of facts; The title of the article should not use official document type title; The title of the article should reflect the focus of the research, and present the research object and the problem to be solved (that is, the object and content of the research must be presented in the title); The title of the paper should be novel and concise, and the number of words should not exceed 20 words. If it is necessary for research, the main and subtitle should be adopted.

  Second, the framework should be complete

  The main body of the opening report framework mainly includes:

  1. Reasons for selecting the topic

  2. Literature review

  3. Theoretical basis of the research

  4. Main contents of the study

  5. Purpose and significance of the research

  6. Research ideas and methods

  7. Research steps

  8. Outline of the paper

  Third, the subject should be perfect

  1. Reasons for selecting the topic

  2. Literature review

  3. Concept definition

  4. Theoretical basis of the research