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13 September 2022
How to find the translation sci polishing platform?

If you choose a sci-enhancing platform for translation, it will help you a lot; but if you choose not well, it will make things worse. It can be said that sometimes the reliability of the translation sci-editing platform is one of the key points that determine whether the author can successfully publish the SCI paper. Let me talk to you in detail below.

1. Information security

In a rigorous and formal academic institution, information security is the top priority! From conception, experimental design, experimental operation, performance testing, data processing to final paper writing, an academic paper has injected too much effort into the author. If you are greedy for cheap and find an informal organization, in case the paper data is leaked, it will not be worth the loss. The manuscript transmission system of a formal institution has strict security measures. File encrypted transmission + signing of confidentiality agreement, double means to strictly protect the security of users' personal information and manuscripts.

2. Complete company information

The company information of the formal organization must be comprehensive and detailed, including landline phone, website, email, business address, etc. Some grinding workshops do not have a fixed business location, and do not pay attention to website construction and word-of-mouth publicity. Can you trust this company?

3. Retouching quality is excellent

Whether the editing quality of the paper is high depends on the editing editor: Are you a native English speaker? How many years have you been doing research? How many SCI papers have you published? How many articles have you edited? Is the polishing case too hard? The editors who translate the sci-editing platform are usually native English-speaking editors with strong scientific research skills. They can understand what the author is writing, and can help the author to modify the logic of the article.

4. Transparent prices and clear service descriptions

The level of the team determines the quality of the paper polishing. However, the demand for native-language editors is high, and the inherent advantages of native-language editors in language expression over non-native-language editors are relatively high. So when asking about the price, be sure to figure out the composition of the team and the specific polish. If you say good polishing content, you will only change words, punctuation, and grammar, and you will lose a lot. Or because the budget is not high, they are fooled by the polishing agency, the language does not meet the publishing requirements of SCI, and the money is saved but the effect is not achieved.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.