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09 August 2022
How long does it take to polish an English paper?

English papers need to be polished, especially for authors with weak English skills, English papers need to be polished. There are also many author friends who choose to find a professional English paper editing agency to help. So how long does it take to polish an English paper? Let's take a look at my sharing.

The time to polish an English paper is not set in stone, if the author's paper is of better quality, it will save more time. Generally speaking, it takes 7-9 days for a report to pass. If it is difficult or too long, it will take more time.

The polishing of English composition should pay attention to the lack of logic and thinking. One of the important reasons is that the review question is not clear, and the logic of the article does not match the theme. Check if your article is written in too much detail, if it is overstated, if there is any inadequacy. There are no logical problems, there are no chapters and paragraph arrangements.

Typically, retouching in native English requires around 2000-3000 words per day, and can be done much faster by an experienced professional. Consider the back and forth between clients, editor-in-chief and editorial staff after a manuscript is submitted, usually taking five days for a 6,000-word paper. A paper can be replied in about 5-7 days, if it is difficult to revise or the paper is long, it will take more time.

It is necessary to polish the sci published by domestic authors. Under normal circumstances, they will seek professional help. Few authors have the ability to polish and revise by themselves, but most of the creators do not have this ability, so the polish before the sci paper is a necessary step.

The time for editing should not be fixed. It needs to be based on the number of words in the article, the difficulty of the paper research, the direction of the paper, etc. If you are looking for help from an English editing agency, generally speaking, in the return time, the thesis editing agency will provide There are many choices. No one can make an excellent SCI paper overnight, and many revisions must be made. Therefore, the polishing of the paper is likely to run through the entire process of publishing a SCI paper.

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