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21 July 2022
What literature can be cited in the paper of low temperature resistance?

  We are on the way of scientific research in writing papers in the field of what, reference is one of important content in the process, low temperature resistant paper, reference is reference for the writer to write papers about the literature information resources, include books, publications, electronic documents, dissertations, conference proceedings, reports and other types of science and technology. The following Esko blue Xiaobian to share with you some low temperature resistance papers and literature selection skills.

  I. References

  1. Analysis of fruit setting ability and floral organ hormones of low temperature tolerant tomato strain LA2006 under low temperature stress

  Author information: Ma Jian; Dong Ruichu; Chen Meng charming; Meng Si reach; Qi Mingfang Northern Horticulture 2022-05-3049

  2. Identification, growth characteristics and mechanism of low temperature tolerance strains

  Author information: Yang Yang; BaoChangJie; Li Kexin; Pan Ying; Wang Xinyu China Brewing 2022-05-2532

  3. Screening of strains resistant to low temperature degradation of cellulose and construction of composite strains

  Author information: Lu Yao; Ya-hui liu; Sun jianping; He Zong all; Zhao Linna, Anhui Agricultural Sciences 2022-05-18109

  4. Preparation and properties of two-component epoxy structural adhesive with low temperature resistance and rapid solidification

  Author information: Mengping Cheng; Chen Quan; Shou-wei pan; Wang Xiaowei China Building Waterproof 2022-05-1556

  5. Screening, identification and characterization of rhizosphere growth promoting bacteria of low-temperature tolerant plants in alpine grassland

  Author information: Liu Xiaoting; Yao Tuo Journal of Pratacultural Science 2022-05-13 16:16185

  6. The construction of the Chinese Penaeus shrimp low-temperature resistant improved pedigree and the expansion and propagation of large-size seedlings have passed the on-site acceptance by experts

  Scientific Fish Farming 2022-05-1013

  7, pollution-free peanut low temperature tolerance fine sowing and high yield cultivation technology

  Author information: Yang Liang Intelligent Agriculture Guide 2022-05-1011

  8. Preparation of high strength and low temperature resistant nanocellulose/polyvinyl alcohol conductive composite hydrogel and its application in flexible sensing

  Author information: Hu Kui; Wang Ying.; Wang Hao yu; Zhi-peng zhao; Journal of Liu Kai Composites 2022-03-2319:441643

  9. Isolation and identification of a freshwater microalgae and mutagenesis screening of strong alkali and low temperature resistant mutants

  Author information: Xu Jingang; Wang Xueer; ZhuQianQian; Mei-hua fan; Xiaojun Yan Journal of Zhejiang Ocean University (Natural Science Edition)2022-03-1535

  10. Study on flower bud differentiation and morphological and physiological characteristics of pepper with different low temperature tolerance

  Author information: Zhang Yanjun; Deng Changrong; Li j. Chen Yan; Hou Zhichao, Qinghai Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology 2022-03-05

  11. Preliminary screening of microsatellite markers associated with low temperature tolerance in Takifugu rubripes

  Author information: Yuan Chenhao; Received by Mr. Liu zhi-feng; Ma Aijun Marine Science 2022-02-15164

  12. Study on the application of low temperature resistant plasticizer in the formulation of neoprene rubber

  Author information: Liu Weidong; Shao-hong Chen; MinHuiHai; Chen; Yao Yanli special rubber products 2022-02-15154

  13. Flexible Water System Zinc ion Battery based on Low-temperature resistant and moisturizing multifunctional gel Electrolyte

  Author information: Wang Rui; Yao Minjie; Huang Shuo; Jin-lei tian; Niu Zhiqiang Science China(Materials)2022-01-13 11:35424

  Second, literature selection skills

  1. Select the appropriate type of reference. There are many types of references, the author can choose the appropriate ones, and can give priority to citing the published literatures included in the detection system comparison source; Carefully select the contents of books and foreign literature; Avoid online resources such as blogs and electronic bulletins.

  2. Select appropriate references. The number of references should not be too much, the journal will not have hard and fast rules, the authors choose to be less, better quality, new results, good effect for the principle.

  3. Highlight the argumentation function of citation. When citing, indicative, direct and general citations should be adopted according to specific needs.

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