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02 August 2022
What does the wos retrieved by sci mean?

Many novice authors are not very clear about the retrieval of SCI papers. Some think that the SCI retrieval is related to the doi number, and some think that it is related to the wos number. In fact, this is different from the requirements of everyone's unit. Some people will look at wos or doi. So what does wos in sci search mean? Let's take a look at my sharing.

WOS is actually the abbreviation of web of science. It exists to make it easier for us to get used to the abbreviation of WOS. Web of science plays an irreplaceable role in the publication of SCI papers. In the process of publishing SCI papers, it needs to be indexed by it. In this way It can be called a real SCI paper. WOS has another meaning in the publication of SCI papers, that is, the WOS number.

After logging in to the WOS website, to find out the SCI articles that we have published, we need to choose to save it as HTML format, then find the file, and after opening it, you will find a UT WOS logo. The string of numbers after the UT WOS logo is the WOS number. Many authors suspect that Which numbering authority is the various numbering in the publication of SCI papers? Requirements in this regard vary within the country.

Some recognize the WOS number, and some recognize the DOI or IDS. Therefore, there are some differences in the standards for publishing SCI papers. It mainly depends on which number the unit uses as the evaluation standard. Generally speaking, these types of numbers are very important.

The doi number is the unique identifier of a digital object, and it is the electronic identity code of the article retrieved through the Internet. The standard for SCI papers retrieval in some domestic institutions and universities is to obtain the doi number of the article. There are also many institutions that do not recognize this kind of retrieval. The wos number of the article submitted by the author, the wos number can be said to be a search code in the true sense, through the wos official website, enter the corresponding code to retrieve the article, many authors are not very familiar with the wos number, the following briefly introduces the wos number.

We retrieve an article through the wos official website. The UT ISI or UT wos displayed at the bottom of the article is the index number of the article. The ids number is not the index number of the sci paper, it is equivalent to a number of the journal, through which we can search In sci journals, the articles in the same sci journal have the same ids number, which means that these articles are published in the same journal or the same conference, it is not the number of the article retrieval index, and for the ids number we also need to do a simple Judgment, the general number before the letter is sci, and vice versa, it represents istp.

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