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21 July 2022
Is it possible to submit sci online in pdf format?

Nowadays, the authors of SCI papers will choose to submit more papers online, so that the submission is faster and the feedback can be obtained faster. Novice authors will be confused when facing SCI submissions. Can pdf format be used for online submission of SCI papers? Or are there other format requirements? Next, I will let you know about it.

Online SCI submissions can be made in pdf format.

First go to the home page of the selected magazine, open the submit paper column, first register an account as the corresponding author, and then log in as author login;

Follow the prompts to complete: Select Article Type, Enter Title, Add/Edit/Remove Authors, Submit Abstract, Enter Keywords, Select Classifications, Enter Comments, Request Editor, Attach Files, and finally download the pdf. After checking it, you can go to submit the paper Homepage approve submission or submit it directly.

Of course, there are still some sci journals that use email to receive manuscripts. At this time, the author needs to register a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail mailbox, and the author needs to slightly modify the content of the cover letter as the content of the letter, and then use the various parts of the sci article as attachments Sent, text and graphics are also placed separately. It is generally not recommended to use domestic mailboxes, such as qq and 163 mailboxes, because many foreign magazines block domestic mailboxes and may even be regarded as spam.

When submitting a manuscript, you should pay attention to the following 6 points:

1. Pay attention to the latest requirements of the journal to be submitted, so that you can start to follow the habits and format of the journal as early as possible in the preparation of the manuscript.

2. When submitting a manuscript, you should strictly follow the relevant requirements of the journal, and fill in or add the submission information according to the prescribed procedures, such as submission letter, abstract, file type, auxiliary information, pictures, suggested reviewers, etc., to meet the requirements of the journal.

3. The email address must be accurate. Some journals require the main author and the corresponding author to have separate user names and passwords, and the main purpose is to communicate with the corresponding author for submission and post-submission.

4. In addition to the one-time submission in the form of Email and FTP submission, the submission through the web page can be temporarily saved to complete the submission task multiple times. Before the final submission of the manuscript, the submission system requires the author to confirm that all projects have been completed and allow the author Revise. Under normal circumstances, authors are not allowed to make changes to the submitted manuscript after the manuscript has been submitted, unless the editor and the publisher require the author to make certain changes.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.