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13 September 2022
What are the SCI retrieval platforms of the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

Sci retrieval is a must. Many novice authors say that after publishing a sci paper, they do not know where to search. This problem is very simple for experienced sci paper authors, but it is very difficult for novices. Unfamiliar, in this issue, the editor will share with you the relevant knowledge of the sci retrieval platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1. Official website of sci journal

SCI journals are very good journals, most of which have their own official websites, detailing information about the journals. When we want to know the journal number of a certain SCI, we can search for the journal name, find the corresponding official website, and click on the publication introduction to know the journal number of this journal.

2. WOS

The commonly used method to query sci journals or sci papers is the WOS official website. By querying the journal name, etc., the corresponding sci journals and basic information introduction, including the journal number, can be retrieved.


CNKI has included many domestic journals of good quality, as well as foreign journals. On CNKI, you can find out the journal number of this journal by sifting the sci catalog and searching sci journals.

Query the impact factor of SCI source journals

The journal partition table of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the impact factor of the journal can be inquired through the online platform or the official account of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This online platform is limited to the use of the university campus network. If off-campus authors want to log in, they need to use VPN to bypass the wall. After logging in, you can search for relevant journals. To obtain the specific division of the publication and its impact factor in recent years, the query of the official account is also very simple. We only need to pay attention, and then enter the name of the journal or other information in the search bar to retrieve the details page of the publication, impact factor and Information on other publications is readily available.

The second way is to inquire through the WOS official website, log in to the official website, click on Journal Citation Reports on the homepage of the WOS platform, and enter the name of the journal or other information in the search input box to query the impact factor of the journal. The way also needs to be inquired through the university library. This kind of database can only be used after purchase, so the author can inquire through the university library or information organization.

In fact, the above two main methods of querying the impact factor of a journal are enough, so it is not difficult to query, but it is difficult to know how to judge and choose after knowing the impact factor. It is good to have a high impact factor, but you must also choose what you can. of.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.