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30 June 2022
What should I pay attention to when contributing to the Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University?

  "Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University" is a kind of comprehensive academic journal founded by Inner Mongolia Normal University. Many friends want to know some matters to pay attention to before they want to contribute to "Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University". Then let's take a look at the shared content with Esqblue.

  "Journal of Inner Mongolia normal university is a host of Inner Mongolia normal university, Inner Mongolia normal university academic journal clubs and the lifelong education science research institute of Inner Mongolia and Inner Mongolia education institute jointly edited the education of science academic journals, divide into two big plate of higher education and basic education, each plate 6 period, one month for the higher education sector, bi-monthly basis education sector, It publishes educational papers of various disciplines, aiming to serve the education development of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the whole country. Academic Journal Club of Inner Mongolia Normal University was founded in 2001, its predecessor was the editorial department of Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

  1.1 According to the Copyright Law and the specific situation of the journal, any manuscript that has not received the notice of processing within 3 months after receipt of the journal's reply is still under review. Authors who wish to submit their contributions to other journals should contact us first. Please keep your own manuscript. Manuscripts that are not used are generally not returned.

  1.2 All contributions are subject to your own responsibility. According to the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law, the journal may modify or delete the text of the manuscript. If there is any modification contrary to the original intention, the author will be asked to consider. If the revised manuscript is not returned within 3 months, it will be regarded as automatically withdrawn. We only contact the corresponding author or the first author for all matters concerning manuscripts.

  1.3 The journal will use the "fast track" to publish major research achievements in the shortest time. For papers requiring fast track publication, authors should provide a written description of the innovation of the paper and a search report, as well as a recommendation letter from two experts, to demonstrate the academic value of the work. After approval, the publication will be published within 3 months after receiving the manuscript. Those who require printing of color prints shall pay additional cost of color prints. After the manuscript is published, one copy of the current magazine will be given as remuneration (including other forms of remuneration).

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