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30 June 2022
The university library journal is sponsored by which college

  Journal of University Library science is a kind of library science and information science periodical founded by Peking University.

  The journal of university Library focuses on how to accomplish the transformation and development from traditional library to modern library.

  Next, let's take a look at the introduction of University Library Journal.The Journal of University Library was founded in 1981.

  It is a journal of library science and information science, supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, sponsored by Peking University, and undertaken by the Library and Information Steering Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.

  According to the official website of Journal of University Library in February 2020, the editorial department of Journal of University Library has two editors and one English editor.

  The main columns of journal of University Library include digital library research, automation, digitization and networking, user research and service, document resource construction, document organization and utilization, etc.

  The journal of University Library pays close attention to and reports the application of new management ideas, new service means and new information technology in library and information industry.

  The publicationAccording to cnKI on February 6, 2020, the Journal of University Libraries published 5939 articles in total.

  According to the Wanfang Data knowledge Service platform on February 6, 2020, the journal of University Library has a total of 3093 papers and 526 funded papers.

  situationJournal of University Library Is a source journal of JST Database of Japan Science and Technology Agency (Japan) (2018), source journal of CSSCI Chinese Social Science Citation Index (2019-2020) (with extended edition), source journal of Peking University "Overview of Chinese Core Journals" (first edition in 1992, second edition in 1996), 2000 edition, 2004 edition, 2008 edition, 2011 edition, 2014 edition, 2017 edition) and 2012 were selected as important source journals for reprinting newspaper materials, and were included in cnKI, VIP, Wanfang Data Knowledge Service platform and other databases.

  Impact factorAccording to cnKI on February 6, 2020, Journal of University Libraries has been downloaded for 1,648,839 times and cited for 62,048 times, with a combined impact factor of 2.865 (2019 edition) and 2.635 (2019 edition).

  According to wanfang Data Knowledge Service platform on February 6, 2020, journal of University Libraries was cited 50,517 times and downloaded 195,773 times; According to the data of China Journal Citation Report (Expanded Edition) in 2017, the impact factor of This journal was 2.86 (impact factor of library science and literature journal was 1.35), ranking 121st among all the statistical source journals (6670 journals).

  According to the academic annual report of CNKI in November 2011, the impact factor of Journal of University Library Science ranked second among library and information science journals in 2010.

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