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27 July 2022
What is the impact of late payment of the sci paper page fee?

Nowadays, the page fee for sci papers is getting more and more expensive. Many authors cannot make up their minds about whether to pay the page fee for sci papers. The publication fee for sci papers is late, will this have any effect? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

1. Foreign journals charge fees for open source. This fee is generally charged after acceptance. Slow payment will affect the speed of publication and retrieval.

2. The domestic scissors charge the page fee. If the fee is not paid, the volume number will not be assigned, which will also affect the publication.

Many core journals and journals publish papers for free, or even if they charge, the fee is very low, while most of the general journals require a fee, which may be difficult for some authors to understand and accept: the papers I wrote are not only unacceptable To the manuscript fee, but to pay the fee, what is the reason?

In fact, there is no page fee in general journals. On the contrary, if you pass the review, you will be paid for the manuscript. However, such journals are less, and usually have high requirements and strict review. The review time will take at least 1 month, so if Your articles are of good quality and time is sufficient, so you can try these journals, or simply go to the journals and cores. After all, such a good article, isn't it a pity to publish a general issue? If you are limited by academic qualifications, professional titles, and units, you can try foreign SCI and EI, at least not discriminating against the author's qualifications.

Most of the remaining general publications are published for a fee. As for why the page fee is charged—

First of all, the operation of the magazine requires costs, such as labor, water and electricity, rent, printing, database use, etc.

Secondly, the reason why those free and low-fee journals can be free and low-fee is that they have other sources of funding such as state financial subsidies, such as high-end journals such as core and undergraduate journals, and the rest can only be They are responsible for their own profits and losses, and academic journals collect professional and boring papers with limited distribution. Except for some professional scholars, institutions, and universities, no one will subscribe. Moreover, the Internet is so developed now that many scholars do not even need to subscribe. Journals can find the articles they want with fewer subscriptions.

Therefore, academic journals naturally cannot rely on subscriptions and advertisements to generate income like popular books such as "Youth Digest" and "Reader", so how can magazines maintain their operations? Authors can only be charged a page fee, and it’s not a big deal for journals to charge a page fee. What’s really unreasonable is that some journals charge too much. This is also because the industry lacks unified management.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.