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24 June 2022
What is the meaning of applied psychology?

  Psychology is a discipline that studies the law of human behavior and psychological activity. To sum up what I have learned at the present stage, this discipline is carried out on the physiological level and inner activities, aiming at discovering, predicting and regulating the behavior and psychological activities of relevant people. This issue xiaobian will take you to understand the meaning of applied psychology.

  Applied psychology mainly studies the application of basic principles of psychology in various practical fields, including industry, engineering, organizational management, market consumption, school education, social life, medical care, sports, military, judicial, environmental and other fields. It uses the principles and theories of psychology to overcome practical problems in the field.

  Courses: Child Developmental Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Individual Psychological Counseling, General Psychology, Group Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Career Counseling, Psychological Measurement and Evaluation, Principles of Psychology, SPSS Statistical Application. Some colleges and universities train students in the following professional directions: sports psychology, human resource management, organizational management psychology, teacher education mental health, human resource and marketing, mental health consultation and education.

  One's deceased father grind direction of the applied psychology mainly management psychology, personnel psychology, psychology of labor, consumer psychology, advertising psychology, engineering psychology, environmental psychology, social psychology process, group and public psychology, Chinese social psychology (including various nationalities), judicial psychology, abnormal psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology and rehabilitation psychology, Psychology of physical education teaching, psychology of sports training, training means and methods, psychology of military operation, selection and evaluation of military personnel. This major cultivates the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of psychology.

  Psychological research involves many fields such as perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behavior, interpersonal relationship and social relationship, and is also related to many fields of daily life -- family, education, health and so on. On the one hand, psychology tries to explain the basic behavior and psychological function of individuals by using brain operation, and at the same time, psychology also tries to explain the role of individual psychological function in social behavior and social motivation.

  It is also relevant to neuroscience, medicine, biology and other sciences because they deal with physiological effects that affect the individual mind.