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27 June 2022
How is the level of EI papers?

There are also many authors who publish ei papers in China, and their influence is also high. Most of the ei papers in the world are written in English. The ei book is one of the core journals in the world, so it is also an authoritative journal. Generally, ei is divided into ei journals and ei journals. ei conference, authors need to think about where to submit their manuscripts according to their needs. So what level does the ei paper belong to? Let's take a look at my sharing.

EI journals are international core journals and are internationally recognized as high-level journals. International journals are divided into different grades. In terms of recognition, general journals, domestic core journals and international core journals increase in turn. International core journals are journals indexed by SCI, EI, Cpci, scopus and other databases, and are the highest level in the world.

EI journals, including EI Conference, are also one of the three most famous journals in the world and are recognized by various countries. Usually used as master, doctor, associate professor, full professor, etc. In China, some institutions give certain rewards to the published EI indexed papers. Therefore, if a paper is included in the EI conference, the certificate of inclusion in EI can be used as the result of the title review.

EI journal papers are usually used as a requirement for senior professional title review. Although EI papers are divided into two types: conference papers and journal papers, there are still differences between the two. When professional titles are evaluated, they are generally recognized in the form of journals. , but if it is a high-level conference paper, it is also of great academic value.

The disciplines covered by EI papers are: mechanical engineering, electromechanical engineering, ship engineering, manufacturing technology; mining, metallurgy, materials engineering, metal materials, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, plastics and polymer engineering; civil engineering, construction engineering, structural engineering, Ocean Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, etc.; Electrical Engineering, Power Plant, Electronic Engineering, Communication, Automatic Control, Computer, Computing Technology, Software, Aerospace Technology, etc.; Chemical Engineering, Petrochemical, Combustion Technology, Biotechnology, Light Industry Textile, Food Industry ;Engineering Management.

EI's requirements for manuscript content and academic level reach the international advanced level, and the results must be innovative. At the same time, EI does not include purely basic theoretical papers. The overall difficulty of submitting manuscripts to Ei journals is not small. Moreover, like SCI, English writing is required, and authors need to have a high level of English writing.

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