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21 June 2022
Does the sci paper format need to be modified?

The writing of the sci paper is very hard, and a lot of energy will be spent in the next revision stage before the author can find out what needs to be revised. Should the format of the sci paper be revised? How to modify the format of sci paper? Let's take a look at the editor's SCI paper format modification skills sharing.

Several common format modification problems

The directory is automatically generated:

1. Place the cursor on the table of contents insertion position, select "Insert" from the menu bar, and click "Reference" - "Index and Table of Contents";

2. In the "Index and Table of Contents" dialog box that opens, select the "Table of Contents" column, set "Display Page Numbers", "Align Page Numbers Right", "Display Level of Table of Contents", and click OK;

3. At this time, the directory will be automatically generated.

TIPS: The display level of the directory can be set according to the requirements and format of your own paper.

Set header and footer:

1. Position the cursor at the first text of the text, click Insert in the menu bar, select Delimiter, select Continuous as the delimiter type, and click OK

2. Click View in the menu bar, select Header and Footer, the header and footer floating toolbar will appear, click the header and footer switch button, switch to the footer, and make settings.

Set page numbers:

1. Click the "Set Page Number Format" button on the floating toolbar, select the starting page number from number 1, click OK, and click the Insert Page Number button on the floating toolbar to complete the insertion.

2. After inserting, all pages have page numbers, delete the page number of the paper cover, enter the page, select "Delete", and select "Delete page number - only delete the page number of this page";

3. Move the cursor to the page number of the text, select the "Modify page number" style, choose the school's regulations, the application scope is "this page and later", the starting page is still 1, click OK to complete the setting.

How to add references:

1. Position the cursor to the place where you want to insert the reference, and it is required to be in front of the punctuation mark;

2. Click "Insert" - "Citations" - "Footnotes and Endnotes", select "Endnotes" - "End of Section", and then select the numbers 1, 2, 3...;

3. After clicking "Insert", the cursor jumps to the end of the section and enter the text of the reference;

4. After all the places that need to indicate references in the text are inserted, press Ctrl+F to realize the replacement, and enter the text as shown in the figure in the Find and Replace box;

5. Click Find, and then replace, then the numbers marked in the text are added with English brackets.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.