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21 June 2022
Can EI and SCI retrieve papers at the same time?

The academic requirements of the paper are high, and the author needs to devote his energy. Friends who know ei and SCI believe that they all know the status of these two in the hearts of scientific researchers. Sometimes we will encounter the situation that papers need to be retrieved by ei and SCI at the same time. Is this achievable? Next, I will let you know about it.

1. Authors need to submit papers to domestic and foreign journals that have been listed in the journal source list by SCI and EI. Of course, the chances of being hired by the authors themselves are relatively small, so they still need to plan ahead and make reasonable arrangements. You can also ask colleagues and friends around them to see what publications they have arranged, and whether they have publication sources and operating experience for their own reference.

2. If your paper has been indexed by SCI and EI, you should give priority to these journals, which can be regarded as an experienced paper publication.

3. It is easier for international journals to enter the two databases than domestic journals. Correspondingly, the academic level of the paper is much higher, and English expression is required. Language and grammar cannot be wrong. Authors submit papers to foreign journals and need to know the specific publication information. As well as its impact factor, the number of words in the paper, and the requirements for reviewing manuscripts.

4. Both sci and ei include international conference proceedings. If authors do not arrange journal papers, they can also consider conference proceedings and actively participate in international academic conferences. If conditions do not permit, they can also consider participating in international conferences held in China or on campus. And organize their own manuscripts, the two major databases have a good impression of international conference proceedings.

Another important point is how to confirm that your articles are retrieved by sci and ei at the same time. The methods are as follows:

1. Check that the article is retrieved by sci: enter ISI Web of Knowledge, select the Web of science database, and query;

2. Check that the article is retrieved by ei: enter ei Village, select Compendex database, and query.

Reminder: If you can find your paper in both databases, it means that it has been retrieved at the same time. Generally, university libraries have purchased the permissions of the two databases, and you can query them from the library. It should be noted that the author's name needs to be written in full in the ei database, the last name in the sci database, and only the first letter of the first name.

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