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27 June 2022
How often do English EI journals appear?

It takes a lot of time to complete the English ei paper. After the paper is revised and polished, the paper can be submitted. At this time, most of the authors are very anxious. Every day, they worry about when their papers can be indexed and published. Generally speaking, how long does it take for papers in English EI journals to be published? Next, I will let you know about it.

There is no unified time for this, such as: 3 months, 5 months, and it depends on the level of individual papers and the EI journals submitted to. If it is fast, it may be about 4-6 months; if it is slow, it may be about 1 year or even longer. If you want to shorten the publication cycle of energy engineering papers published in EI English journals, you need to start from two aspects: paper quality and journals.

In terms of the quality of the paper: You can find a professional to conduct a comprehensive review of the paper before submitting it, and make improvements for the deficiencies in the paper to improve the quality of the paper. The quality of the paper meets the requirements for publication, and the publication is relatively smooth.

In terms of journal selection: It is recommended that you choose EI journals that are more confident according to your own paper level, so that the odds of winning are relatively high.

The EI journal article (JA retrieval) process is:

Completion of the paper - submission to EI journal - journal acceptance - payment of page fee - journal publication - the paper is indexed by EI database.

ei papers are simpler than SCI papers, and some English ei journals are simpler than Chinese ei journals, but they still need to have the basic elements of academic papers and a sufficient amount of data, but the requirements for innovation are lower, and analysis does not require the same SCI papers are as thorough. In addition, due to the small volume of some ei journals, the submission and review process is not very standardized. For example, some ei journals do not provide format templates, there is no special submission system for submissions (but they are submitted by email), and Proof is too simple after acceptance. Wait, these are the things that everyone needs to be very careful about.

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