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13 June 2022
What are the writing requirements for each part of the information technology paper?

  On the one hand, the writing of information technology paper should choose the subject to be solved in the discipline, on the other hand, it should choose the subject in the forefront of the discipline. When writing, we should determine the specific topic and argumentation Angle of the technical paper. We should act according to our ability and seek truth from facts. The following xiaobian take you to understand.

  Information Technology (REFERRED to as IT), is mainly used for the management and processing of Information by the use of all kinds of Technology. It mainly applies computer science and communication technology to design, develop, install and implement information systems and application software. It is also often referred to as Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

  (1) Title,Topic

  Title is also called title or title. The title is a logical combination of the most appropriate and concise words to reflect the most important specific content in the paper.

  The title of a paper is the first important information given by a paper concerning the scope and level of the paper, and it is also necessary to consider the specific practical information that can be provided by the secondary literature to help select key words and compile the title, index and so on. The topic of your essay is very important and must be chosen carefully. Someone described its importance with the following sentence: "The thesis title is half the thesis." The requirements of the thesis topic are: accurate and appropriate: short and concise: appropriate extension and connotation: eye-catching.

  (2) Author and Department

  This one belongs to the issue of paper signature. The first is to show the responsibility of the author, the second is to record the results of the work, and the third is to facilitate the contact between the reader and the author and literature retrieval (author index). It can be roughly divided into two situations, namely: single author paper and multiple author paper. The latter is listed as the first author, the second author in order of attribution... . It is important to adhere to the attitude of seeking truth from facts, the biggest actual contribution to the research work and paper writing as the first author, contribution second, as the second author, and so on. Indicate the author's work unit is also to facilitate the reader and the author of the contact.

  (3) Abstract

  Papers should generally have abstracts, some for international communication, and foreign (mostly English) abstracts. It is a short statement of the paper without notes or comments. The other use is to get the necessary information without reading the whole paper. The abstract should contain the following:

  ① The purpose and importance of this research;

  (2) The main content of the study, indicating what work has been completed;

  (3) The basic conclusions and research results obtained, highlighting the new insights of the paper;

  ④ The significance of the conclusion or result.

  (4) Key Words

  Keywords belong to a category of subject words. In addition to key words, the subject word also contains the unit word, the descriptive word.

  Subject words are used to describe the subject of documents and provide a new type of information retrieval language vocabulary. It is because of its emergence and development that the computerization of information retrieval (computer retrieval) becomes possible. Subject words refer to words or phrases that distinguish things by the characteristic relations of concepts, express in natural language, and have the function of combination to accurately show the dynamic semantic conceptual relations between words.

  To successfully publish a paper is not a very simple matter, writing a paper also needs to know the corresponding format and some tips. Esq Blue will continue to share more academic dry goods with you, please check out our daily updates, which may have what you want to know.