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16 June 2022
What is the basic structure of educational research papers?

  The structure of educational research paper is the author's layout, planning and arrangement in writing. The educational research papers of different nature and content differ in their expressive methods, but their basic structures are roughly the same. So what is the structure of the thesis in the direction of education research?

  A good paper should reflect four characteristics:

  Innovation: make the latest discoveries, create, move forward, don't duplicate what others have done.

  Scientific: to avoid personal prejudice, mining objective laws and the essence of education

  Theoretical: processing facts, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge.

  Readability: logical, fluent,

  Second, the structure of a good article

  There are three parts: the beginning, the main body and the end.

  2-1 The title should be concise, standard words (no abbreviations), no more than 20 words; Subheadings write qualifications and specifications for methods, content, and fields. Objective, content, method and conclusion, objective, accurate and brief, 300 words. Use three to seven keywords.

  2-1 Introduction: Background and purpose, explain problems, introduce the role and significance.

  2-2 The text shows the argumentation process and results in detail. Logic is most important. Empirical paper, including the future, review, research design and methods, results analysis four parts. Among them, research design and methodology are the most important. Includes objects, methods, processes, and data collection.

  2-2 Conclusion: State the problem, conclusion and opinion. Summarize the full text, deepen the theme, reveal the law.

  Point 1. In the conclusion part, I will compare my research findings with the existing research literature and point out the consistent conclusions and different conclusions, so as to better reflect my research value. 2. Point out the imperfections of current research. 3. In view of the research gaps existing in current literature, formulate solutions and put forward some good suggestions and opinions for future research.

  3-3 at the end

  References, Chinese GB/T format, foreign APA format.

  1. An explanation and commentary on the meaning of the content and vocabulary of a treatise in the text; The second is to explain the source of quotations, quoting from various sources.

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