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09 June 2022
How to revise the first draft of a sci paper?

Although there are more and more friends who submit sci papers, but there are also quite a lot of rejections, most of which are due to insufficient content, grammatical errors, etc., which reflects the importance of revising papers. Don't rush to submit the manuscript after completing the first draft of the sci paper, let's revise it first, and take a look at the editor's sharing.

Skill 1. Change grammar and sentence patterns

The core of changing grammar sentence pattern is: almost all paper checking software will compare the grammatical structure of a sentence such as subject, predicate, object, definite complement, etc. If there is a sentence, the subject, predicate, object keywords and the order of arrangement are the same , it will be judged as plagiarism!

Note that if the order is the same, it will be judged as plagiarism. Therefore, when changing the weight, the sentence pattern and grammar can be disrupted. For example, changing declarative sentences into interrogative sentences, reordering keywords and replacing synonyms appropriately, etc.

Skill 2: Repeat the original sentence

The core of retelling the original sentence is: only keep the core idea of the original sentence, without using its sentence structure and any word, that is, to express the meaning of the original sentence in one's own words, and at the same time try to change the sentence structure.

This kind of thesis review and revision technique is quite difficult to implement. It can directly state the meaning, and can also confirm the original meaning negatively. Using this method to modify it several times will allow you to modify it more smoothly and grasp the essence of this method. Moreover, there will be absolutely no problems after such a heavy modification.

3. Add words

The core of adding words is: you can insert one or more words in a sentence to interrupt the plagiarism checking system of the checking engine. Because the rule of the plagiarism checking engine is that consecutive n words are the same as plagiarism, if the number of words exceeds these n words, it may be difficult to detect. Moreover, when the number of words in the paper is relatively small, it can also help to add thousands of words.

What to pay attention to before submitting

1. Do you understand the submission procedure of the journal?

2. If there is an online submission, do you know how to use it?

3. Whether an international fuel tank has been prepared for submission and future communication. It is recommended to use email addresses such as,, and as much as possible. If you use a domestic mailbox, it may bring unexpected troubles.

4. Whether the journal only accepts submissions from corresponding authors.

5. Is there a Submission fee?

6. Have you prepared a cover letter? Whether the journal has clear requirements in the letter of submission (some have clear requirements, you must declare some of the statements listed by him, similar to China's no one draft and two votes, no leaks, No copyright disputes, etc.)

7. The format of the manuscript (File formats). For example, whether the submission only accepts files in PDF format.

8. Finally check the document for errors.

SCI papers are papers published in journals that are included in SCI. At present, the scientific and technological circles of our country have a conceptual model of SCI papers. Combining the various indicators of SCI publications, we can see the academic value and influence of a SCI paper.

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