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09 June 2022
What are the essential differences between CNS journals and SCI?

     CNS is not a single search tool. It is the acronym of the three journals Cell, Nature and Science, so CNS specifically refers to these three journals. Let's understand the differences between CNS and SCI together with xiaobian.

  CNS journals seem to be unfamiliar to many authors, and unfamiliar authors can easily be understood as a specific category of journals. In fact, CNS journals refer to three journals, namely Cell, NATURE and SCIENCE, which are well-known in international academic circles and can be regarded as the top of the pyramid of academic journals.

  CNS is the abbreviation of Cell, Nature and Science in China. Papers included in these three top journals are CNS papers. SCI papers are published by THE Scientific Citation Index (SCI), which is a Citation Index journal edited and published by the Institute for Scientific Information in the United States. SCI is not a journal. SCI is a search engine that catalogs the best journals and categorizes and ranks them. CNS is a very specific designation and refers to the three core journals of biology, CELL, NATURE and SCIENCE. To put it simply, SCI includes CNS, which is the TOP in SCl.

  SCI and CNS can be said to be the relationship between inclusion and inclusion. The three CNS journals are ALL SCI journals, and MANY excellent academic journals at home and abroad are indexed by SCI. The three CNS journals are outstanding among all SCI journals. Or the articles written by gay friends are of high academic value. Few people in China can publish CNS journals.

  Domestic authors promotion or graduation or other assessment, there is a requirement for SCI publication is one of the few, is not to claim on the CNS publications published, so the author also need not worry, we can choose their general publishing periodicals, ordinary author four areas of three SCI papers published in many cases, also be helpful for their own development.

  If SCI papers must be published, depending on the specific requirements, many units do not require publication zones, and those with requirements will generally require publication of journals at or above the second district level.

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