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31 May 2022
What are the format and notes of the abstract?

  There is basically no need for figures to explain in the abstract. The key points are basically summarized in oneortwo sentences without too complicated words. However, it is necessary to let readers know the research points and research results of the paper. The most important thing is to pay attention to the submission instructions of the contributing journals. The abstract format required by each journal does not have to be the same. Next, I will explain the content of the paper abstract to you in detail.

  A summary should be included in your graduation thesis, or in your research report. The abstract should specify each major aspect of the paper and help the reader decide whether to read the rest of the paper. So the summary is a very important part although it is short. However, do you really understand the format of abstract?

  1、 Summary format

  1. The format of the abstract of the thesis first requires the standardization of the title. The title shall be concise, specific and accurate, which can summarize the specific content of the paper, help to select keywords, and conform to the relevant principles of compiling title, index and retrieval.

  2. English titles are mainly in the form of phrases, especially noun phrases, which are basically composed of one or several nouns plus their prepositional and / or postpositional attributes; The head word of phrase title should be determined well, and then it should be modified before and after. The order of each word is very important. Improper word order will lead to inaccurate expression.

  3. Generally, declarative sentences should not be used in the format of thesis abstracts, because the title mainly serves as a marker, and declarative sentences are easy to make the title have judgmental semantics, which is not concise and eye-catching. In a few cases (commenting, summarizing and refuting), questions can be used as titles because they have an exploratory tone and are easy to arouse the interest of readers.

  2、 Precautions

  1. It is not allowed to simply repeat the existing information in the title. It is forbidden to write the contents in the introduction into the abstract. It is not allowed to copy the subtitle (table of contents) in the body of the paper or the text in the conclusion of the paper, nor interpret the content of the paper.

  2. Try to use words, and do not list the data in the summary. The words shall be concise, the contents that have become common sense in the field of this subject shall be excluded, and meaningless or unnecessary words shall be deleted. The content should not be demonstrated. Do not cite examples and do not introduce the research process.

  Abstract is an excerpt of the main content of the article. The format of the abstract of the paper should be short, precise and complete. The number of words can be as few as dozens of words, and as many as 300 words, which plays a general role in the whole thesis. We should also remind you not to forget the important step of checking the duplicate of papers. If the repetition rate of papers is too high, they cannot be reviewed.

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