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18 July 2022
Skills of polishing translation of SCI papers

  SCI is a foreign academic journal, which generally only accepts contributions of English papers, so we need to translate our papers into English before submission. The following editor will share with you some tips for polishing the translation of SCI papers.

  In the process of translation, in order to improve the quality of thesis translation, medical workers should not only do a good job in word selection, but also master the necessary medical thesis translation skills. The translation skills of medical papers refer to the processing methods of using words to make sentences in the process of translation, such as the extension of word meaning, increase and decrease, part of speech conversion and the translation methods of domain terms.

  1. Extended method. When translating medical papers, we sometimes encounter that some words cannot find the appropriate meaning in the English dictionary. If they are translated arbitrarily or word by word, the translation of medical papers will be stiff and obscure, unable to accurately express the original meaning, and even cause misunderstanding. At this time, we can flexibly choose appropriate Chinese words or phrases to translate without departing from the meaning of the English word.

  2. Augmented translation. Because there are many differences in word usage, sentence structure and expression between English and Chinese, the translation of medical papers often needs to add some words that are not in the original text, so that the translation can express the meaning of the original text smoothly and more faithfully. There are two situations in the translation of additions. One is based on the need of meaning or rhetoric, such as adding words that express tense meaning and adding words with implicit object meaning of English intransitive verbs. The other is to add the omitted words in the original sentence according to the syntactic needs.

  3. Omit translation. Omission one is to omit some words in the original text without translation, so that the translation conforms to language habits.

  4. Convert part of speech. When converting parts of speech from English to Chinese, it is often necessary to translate the words belonging to one part of speech in English sentences into Chinese words of another part of speech, so as to make the translation smooth and natural and conform to the expression habits of Chinese. This kind of translation processing method is conversion part of speech method, which is called part of speech conversion for short.

  5. Translation of technical terms in the field. There are a lot of terms in the translation of medical papers, which are scientific and professional. There are four translation methods of domain terms: free translation, transliteration, pictographic translation and prototype translation.