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14 June 2022
How to reduce the weight and revise the paper after the weight check?

Now many colleges, units, institutions, etc. require that papers must be checked for duplicates, which not only ensures the originality of the article, but also curbs plagiarism. However, there are also many friends who do not know how to revise after checking the weight, but they do not know how to revise it. Let me talk to you in detail below.

1. If the word count of the thesis far exceeds the school's requirements for the word count of the paper, the content of the paper can be simplified appropriately. If the repeated content is irrelevant, it can be deleted. This is the most direct method to reduce the repetition rate.

2. For the citation and copying of references, please do not directly plagiarize large paragraphs in other people's papers. Some students will be even more puzzled: why is the content they quoted not detected? The editor here tells the students a way to revise, that is, when copying a paragraph, do not choose an article to cite, choose as many documents as possible, and do not cite too much, so that it will not be found.

3. Even if the quoted content is correctly marked, it will be included in the repetition rate, so it is best to convert the quoted part into your own language and re-describe it when citing.

4. At present, the system's inspection of the table is not perfect, so the content that cannot be converted can appear in the paper in the form of a table, and the number of overlapping words in the table is not included in the total coincidence rate.

5. If there is a large paragraph citing a certain document and you really do not know how to revise the quoted content, you can disrupt the order of the sentences in the quoted paragraph and make appropriate revisions, which can also reduce the repetition rate a little.

Before the paper is submitted to the school, it is very important to check the duplicates, proofread and revise in advance, because we cannot guarantee that there will be no duplication in our paper. Even if the whole content of the paper is completed independently, there will still be similar parts. As long as it is included in the duplicate checking system database, it will definitely be checked out. Therefore, the timing of when to check the duplicates by yourself and when to upload them to the school for testing is very critical. The repetition rate and quality of the papers also need to be checked to ensure that they can meet the school's requirements.

It is best for us to test as recently as three days before the final manuscript is submitted to the school. After the duplication rate results obtained are no problem, submit them to the school for duplication checking, because too long time will lead to differences in the final duplication rate of the database update.

The above is the relevant knowledge sharing of the editor. If you need to know more related content, you can enter our website to search for keywords or contact the editor on the site.