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15 July 2022
Which journals can publish financial papers?

  Facing the increasingly better academic atmosphere and more and more journals, many authors may not know how to start when choosing to publish their papers. The following editor has sorted out several journals suitable for publishing financial papers, hoping to help you.

  Publications published in financial papers include: ① regional financial research, ② financial accounting, ③ financial review.

  The details are as follows:

  "Regional financial research" this journal adheres to the four basic principles and reform and opening up, based on finance and facing the society, and is committed to publicizing the economic and financial policies of the party and the state. It serves to improve the theoretical and professional level of financial workers, and to deepen the reform of economic system and financial system.

  Founded in 1993, financial accounting (monthly) is a central level professional journal of financial accounting, which is in charge of the people's Bank of China and sponsored by the China Institute of financial accounting. It has a wide range of circulation, from the headquarters of major financial institutions to their grassroots outlets, and its circulation ranks in the forefront of professional publications in the country.

  Financial Review (Bimonthly), founded in 2009, is a comprehensive economic and financial academic journal sponsored by the Institute of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and is edited by Li Yang, vice president of the Faculty of the Chinese Academy of social sciences. Financial review implements the internationally accepted anonymous manuscript review system, advocates standardized and rigorous research methods, and publishes original theoretical and empirical economic and financial papers, aiming to promote theoretical exploration in the field of economy and finance through the publication of excellent research results, and provide a platform for Chinese scholars to move towards the forefront of world economic theory. We sincerely hope to display your latest high-quality research results in this journal.