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05 July 2022
How can sci papers be submitted quickly?

If you want to achieve rapid submission of sci papers, you must find the right thesis and journal that suits you. A suitable journal can help us speed up the submission, and also make the reviewers feel that you are a serious and meticulous author. I have a good impression of the article. In this issue, the editor will share with you the relevant knowledge of SCI paper submission.

01 Whether the subject of the manuscript fits within the scope specified by the journal

In order to confirm which journals can publish their papers, authors should first conduct search and analysis in SCI and Scopus databases; secondly, they should carefully read the manuscript submission instructions for the journals preparing to submit their manuscripts, especially the instructions on the scope of the published papers, and read them carefully. The table of contents and related papers of the journals to be submitted to in recent issues to confirm whether they are compatible with the content of your manuscript.

Because the impact factors of different disciplines are very different, journals that choose to submit manuscripts should pay attention to avoid placing too much emphasis on the impact factors of journals.

Sometimes, even though the journal has a high impact factor and the content of the manuscript submitted by the author is very good, it is difficult for the manuscript to be accepted and published because the subject of the journal and the manuscript do not fit.

02The readership of the journal

To understand the audience of the target journal, whether it is clinical or basic, authors need to consider publishing in the most appropriate journal.

03 How to influence the academic quality of journals and whether the acceptance rate is appropriate

Use JCR to retrieve the journal's total citation frequency and impact factor to understand the academic influence of the journal, that is, the higher the journal's total citation frequency and impact factor (IF), the more likely the journal is read and used by readers. . Then it can be inferred that the potential academic influence of the journal will be greater.

When judging the journal's acceptance rate and tendency of manuscripts, you can search and analyze the national sources of the authors of the journals in the SCI database to help authors choose and determine the journal for submission.

04 Review and publication cycle of journals

The time from acceptance to publication of a manuscript also needs to be considered when selecting a journal. It is estimated based on the date of receipt and acceptance of the proposed journal article and the publication date of the journal.

There are three main ways of submission: paper submission, email submission and online submission system submission.

Paper submissions generally require several copies of the manuscript to be printed and mailed to the editorial department of the journal. Some journals also require floppy disks or CD-ROMs of papers to be mailed. Generally, domestic Chinese journals require more paper submissions;

Email submission is to send the paper to the editor in the form of an attachment; online submission system is the main form adopted by foreign journals, which is intuitive, fast and convenient.

Common online submission systems are: Scholarone Manus, Editorial Manager, Elsevier Editorial system, EJPress, Open Journal Systems (OJS), etc.

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.