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05 July 2022
Is a paper published on scie a sci?

I believe that there are many colleges and institutions that need to publish SCI papers. This is the credential that people need when they are promoted, evaluate professional titles, etc., but sometimes we see SCI papers, which is very strange. Is SCI SCI? If a paper is published in scie, does it count as sci? Let's take a look at my sharing.

The original positioning of scie is an extended version of the sci database, which is different from sci. But now in our country, scie and sci are in a completely equivalent state, and no distinction is made. Therefore, it can be said that scie is a sci paper.

First, a sci paper refers to an article published in a sci journal. SCI publications refer to publications that are included in the SCI database. At the beginning, ISI only established the sci database, but with the development of society, new content was added on the basis of the original sci database. In order to distinguish it from the sci, the new database was called scie. That is, scie covers the entire content of sci and the content added later. At this time scie is not a sci paper.

Secondly, after scie was established for a long time, it slowly replaced sci, but we still used to call it sci. That is, what we often say about sci now actually refers to scie. As far as the moment is concerned, in our country, there is no difference between scie and sci, that is, scie refers to sci, or sci refers to scie. It can be seen that scie and sci are in a completely equivalent state. At this time, scie is regarded as a sci paper.

In short, regarding the issue of whether scie is a sci paper, scie and sci are in two different database stages, scie is definitely not a sci paper, because some of the content of scie does not belong to sci. But for now, scie is a sci paper.

For the author, whether to publish scie papers or publish sci papers, it depends on the current position of scie and sci, that is, to publish sci papers, and the scie journal is selected. However, in view of the period when scie and sci are not the same thing, some units may still distinguish scie and sci. In order to avoid the published scie in the unit is not a sci paper, the author should pay attention to the relevant regulations of the unit.

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