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14 June 2022
What should you pay attention to in the title of the thesis?

The title of the graduation thesis is to summarize the important content of the article, so the title needs to be eye-catching, concise, and generally not too many words. If you want to write a good graduation thesis, you need to choose a good topic. Many students start writing without knowing what to write about the thesis topic. What should you pay attention to? In this issue, I will share relevant knowledge with you.

1. Innovativeness: The topics of graduation thesis are often adopted and written by seniors for many times, and the repetition of content often leads to visual fatigue of readers. Therefore, students must be innovative and unique when choosing a thesis topic, in order to attract the attention of others and attract readers to continue reading the article.

2. Conciseness: The title of the thesis should not be too long. Generally speaking, schools also require that the thesis topic be controlled within 20 words. Therefore, when choosing a dissertation topic, try to be concise and powerful, briefly summarize the main content of the dissertation, and reflect the theme of the dissertation.

3. Affirmative: The paper is a summary and discussion of our academic research, and the content reflected should be accurate and objective. Therefore, when writing the title of the thesis, we should also use affirmative sentences to reflect our confidence in the written thesis. It is not recommended to use interrogative sentences or rhetorical questions.

4. In addition to the above points, the editor tells you that when choosing the topic of the thesis, you should try to use accurate words, that is, the words and sentences should be accurate in the viewpoint of our paper, and exaggerated and broad words should not be used. For topics that others have already used, it is not recommended that you use them directly.

Whether it is a graduation thesis or a title thesis, it needs to be typeset in a standard format. The format of the thesis includes the following aspects:

1. The format of the thesis title: (indicate the author, zip code, work unit under the title, and the student should write the school) It is required to be accurate, concise, eye-catching and novel.

2. Table of Contents: The table of contents is a short list of the main paragraphs in the paper. (Short papers do not have to be listed in the table of contents)

3. Abstract: It is an excerpt of the main content of the article, which should be short, precise and complete. The number of words can be as few as a few crosses, and no more than 300 words.

4. Keywords or subject headings Keywords are selected from the title, abstract and text of the paper, and are words that have substantial meaning for expressing the central content of the paper. Keywords are words that are used by computer systems to index the content of papers and facilitate the collection of information systems for readers to retrieve. Each paper generally selects 3-8 words as keywords, starts a new line, and arranges it in the lower left of the "Summary".

Today, the relevant knowledge sharing of Xiaobian is here. If you have any doubts or want to know more relevant content, you can pay more attention to the updated content of our website.